Fire Emblem Warriors: Awakening DLC releases on March 29

Koei Tecmo has announced that the third DLC batch for Fire Emblem Warriors, which adds more content from Fire Emblem: Awakening, will release on March 29.  At the same time, Koei Tecmo has also announced that Fire Emblem Warriors will get another update patch to version 1.5.0, free for all owners of the game.

Find all the details and media below:

Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Pack

The Awakening DLC pack will add Owain, Tharja, and Olivia as playable characters. Each of them will also come with their own personal skills.

  • Owain: Balanced Resonance - Raises damage dealt to enemy the smaller the character's gap between STR & MAG stats is
  • Tharja: Destruction Pact - Raises damage dealt the lower the character's HP is, but equipping this skill will cause slip damage which gradually reduces the user's HP, although this won't affect the HP damage evaluation in post-battle results.
  • Olivia: Galeforce - Replenishes Musou/Warrior and Awakening gauges for each time defeating a strong enemy/officer.
Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Characters

Three new Costumes are added with this DLC:

  • Exalt costume for Chrom
  • Sage costume for Lissa
  • Dark Flier costume for Cordelia

Additionally, Broken Armor models will be added to all Fire Emblem: Awakening characters in this game (Chrom, Lucina, Lissa, Frederick, Robin (Male & Female), Cordelia, Tharja, Olivia, Owain)

Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Costumes

Three new History Maps based on Fire Emblem: Awakening are added

  • Scion of Legend (Based on Paralogue 5, where Owain joined the party)
  • Exalt Emmeryn (Based on Chapter 9, where Tharja joined the party)
  • Caravan Dancer (Based on Chapter 11: Mad King Gangrel, where Olivia joined the party)
Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC History Maps

This DLC will also give Exclusive Weapons to any Fire Emblem: Awakening characters that do not have them yet.

  • Robin: Thoron
  • Lissa: Lissa's (Healing) Axe
  • Frederick: Frederick's (Solid) Axe
  • Cordelia: Cordelia's (Love) Spear
  • Owain: Missiletainn
  • Tharja: Tharja's Spell
  • Olivia: Olivia's (Dancing) Sword

And it will eventually add three new Weapon Skills to the drop list. The latter two, in particular, used to be exclusive to Chrom and Tiki's amiibo weapons (Chrom's Training Sword and Tiki's Tear)

  • Active Strengthening: Further amplifies damage raised from Weapon Skill effects
  • Strike Rate+: Increases speed of normal and strong attacks
  • All Stats+: Raises all stats except for movement speed

Update Patch to Version 1.5.0

In addition to the above DLC pack, a free update patch will be also released on the same day. The following features will be applied to all players, regardless of whether they own the Awakening DLC pack or not. You can read the patch notes right below:

  • Character maximum level cap increased from 130 to 150
  • Adds a new weapon skill Divine Vessel, which raises a weapon's attack power to maximum and negating reductions from effectivity weapon skills
  • Adds a new Level Reset menu in the Shrine, which lets you reset a character's level to 1 while receiving materials based on their last level
  • Allows the Nintendo Switch version to record videos
  • Adds an option to automatically Re-cast Blessing used in the previous battle. Note that materials will also be automatically consumed
  • Improves UI on battle result screen and more

The free update patch will also add the following Blessings:

  • Speed Blessing / Luck Blessing: Raises the specified stat for all party characters
  • Heal Blessing: Automatically heals HP of all party characters gradually
  • Transport Unit Blessing: Increases the number of materials dropped
  • Master Craftsman Blessing: Increases the number of weapons dropped, along with their level, quality, and number of skill slots
  • Common Material Blessing: Common materials will become easier to drop
  • Infernal Blessing: Raises all enemy levels to 150 in the next battle
  • Strategist Blessing: Activates Strategist Mode for the next battle, where the controlled character will deal zero damage while other ally characters will fight more valiantly in return, requiring the player to fully rely on giving orders to win battles.

The paid Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC pack and the free update patch to Version 1.5.0 for Fire Emblem Warriors will both be released on March 29. The previous DLC pack based on Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon released in mid-February, and details can be found here.