God Eater 3 will be released for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam

Bandai Namco held a live stream today to celebrate God Eater's 8th anniversary, where they finally revealed more new information on the highly anticipated God Eater 3 by showing a brand-new trailer and the world premiere gameplay footage.

God Eater 3 has a new unprecedented disastrous phenomenon in Ash Regions, which consume all structures touched and turn them to ashes. Only the Adaptive God Eaters (AGE), the newest type of God Eaters, have high resistance against these Ash Regions and are able to perform activities inside them.

A new character has also been revealed at this stream. He is Hugo Pennywort (voiced by Tomokazu Seki), a young lad who became an AGE in his childhood and was raised together with the protagonist. He has the power to do actions and is also quick in thinking, so his friends consider him as the de-facto leader.

New God Eater 3 Screenshots

Bandai Namco's Yuya Tomiyama, the producer of God Eater 3, has also shown the world premiere footage of the game at the stream. You can see the player character—equipped with new weapon types Dual Blades and Ray Gun—and Hugo fight against the new Aragami called Anubis, which can launch Predator attacks on the heroes by biting them and, when it succeeds, will activate Burst mode and put the victim in a huge disadvantage. However, the AGEs in this game also have a couple of new gameplay tricks such as Accel Trigger and Engage.

You can watch the officially recorded archive of the live stream right below. The new God Eater 3 trailer can be spotted at the 19:22 mark and the world premiere gameplay footage is available from 31:54.

God Eater 3 will be out for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam in Japan. While it should be at least also released on the same platforms for the eventual English localization, Bandai Namco has not announced any release timeframes yet. More information on this game is to be expected at next week's Famitsu magazine.