New Gundam Breaker to be released worldwide on June 22, Steam release also confirmed

Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for New Gundam Breaker, confirming the game's final release date as well as platform lineup. This marks for the first time ever that a Gundam game is getting released on PC via Steam.

The Japanese version of the trailer is also up, and it has some more details on incentives not seen in the English trailer.

  • Pre-ordering the game will net a serial code that unlocks an exclusive mission to fight the Super Fumina, accessible once per day. Beating this mission will reward a Fumina Ticket which can be traded with a part you haven't acquired yet.
  • A limited Build G Sound Edition will be available, exclusively on the PS4, with 20 additional theme songs from the past Gundam Breaker games as well as the Gundam Build Fighters anime series.
  • An even more limited Premium Edition will pack the Build G Sound Edition with an exclusive clear colored HGBD Gunpla of Gundam AGE-II Magnum.
Super Fumina in New Gundam Breaker

Another information bombshell has come from Japan, as New Gundam Breaker is also confirmed to have dateable heroines. In addition to the first heroine Yui Mikagura, there are 5 more girls that will fight together with you and can be dated with. Here is the list of 6 dateable heroines known so far.

  1. Yui Mikagura (3rd-year student, voiced by Nao Touyama)
    "Please, lend me your power... I can't afford to lose at all...!"
    She used to be part of the Student Council, and she is popular because she's kind to anyone and cares for other students. When she tries to act strongly she tends to overdo herself, and she has to sometimes show her weak side by relying on her childhood friend, the Protagonist.
  2. Iori Koura (2nd-year student, voiced by Mariya Ise)
    "Only the strong ones, the victors are justice... That is definitely a mistake...!"
    The serious class chairwoman with excellent grades. Although she doesn't show it off publicly, she really hates losing.
  3. Ryoko Ohtori (3rd-year student, voiced by Marina Inoue)
    "'Right now' in this academy, the battle strength is everything!"
    Although she speaks in a cool and mannish matter, she seems to also have an unexpected lady-like side.
  4. Marika Sakurai (1st-year student, voiced by Rie Murakawa)
    "Er, if it's alright... please teach me... the ways of battling later on."
    She doesn't have many friends and is rather withdrawn. While she normally speaks in a whispering manner, her voice gets loud when talking about Gunpla.
  5. Chinatsu Kamisaka (2nd-year student, voiced by Ayane Sakura)
    "There might be a whole lot of fun things when I'm with you!"
    She is a bright and honest person and is friendly with anyone. An optimist who always enjoys having fun.
  6. Shion Daikuji (2nd-year student, voiced by Sumire Uesaka)
    "I'm also doing my best today to make everyone smile~"
    The academy's idol who wants to make everyone happy. She is always smiling and has a mysterious charisma.
Dateable Heroines in New Gundam Breaker

New Gundam Breaker will be released for PlayStation 4 and Steam worldwide on June 22. Note that the Japanese PS4 version will be released one day earlier on June 21. You can read more of our coverages on the Famitsu interview translation and male rival characters.

UPDATE: Japanese game news blog Ryokutya has also confirmed that three more new mobile suit Gunplas are added to the game. They are Efreet Custom, Psycommu System Zaku, and Gundam G-Self Perfect Pack.

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