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New trailer and artwork for God Eater 3

Ever since its announcement late last year, details have been relatively sparse concerning God Eater 3.  We just learned of its first release details last week during a live stream event, along with some details of the game's premise and characters. Following from that, Bandai Namco Entertainment America showcased a new trailer today for the upcoming hunting RPG, alongside several new screenshots and a handful of new artworks. 

We covered a lot of the details announced during last week's live stream, including the console announcements here. Check out today's trailer below:

UPDATE: Bandai Namco Japan has released more screenshots featuring Anubis, Ra, Hugo, The Biting Edge God Arc, and more.

Here is the official rundown of some of the game components:

Ashlands and Ash Aragami – Many regions of the world, known as the Ashlands, have become uninhabitable, forcing humanity to live in underground shelters called Ports. Within the Ashlands are fierce new Ash Aragami such as Anubis and Ra, which provide the ultimate challenge for God Eaters.

Adaptive God Eaters – These new God Eaters are closer to Aragami than God Eaters in the past, making them stronger and deadlier in combat, while also resistant to the Ashlands deadly air. One of these new Adaptive God Eaters is Hugo Pennywort. Hugo is quick-witted and a man of action, making him a substantial leader. The protagonist and Hugo grew up together and consider each other brothers.

New God Arcs – The Biting Edge God Arc is a dual bladed weapon that focuses on quick slashes and stabbing attacks. The Ray Gun can provide an extremely strong ranged attack provided it is timed correctly. GOD EATER 3 also introduces the Engage System and Accelerator Trigger. The Engage System is activated when team mates stay close to each other during missions to help promote close team work when striking Aragami. The Accelerator Trigger is a new passive skill that are activated with certain requirements such as performing a perfect guard.

Lastly, here are some new high res artwork and screenshots:

New God Eater 3 Media

Bandai Namco has not announced any release timeframes for God Eater 3 yet for either Japan or North America. 


Bandai Namco Japan has released more screenshots featuring Anubis, Ra, Hugo, The Biting Edge God Arc, and more.

God Eater 3 Screenshots

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