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Square Enix "still talking with Microsoft" on FF14 for 360

The Producer of Final Fantasy XIV has told RPG Site that his development team and the company are still in talks with Microsoft regarding bringing the Square Enix MMO to the Xbox 360.

When asked about the status of an Xbox 360 version by RPG Site during an E3 2010 interview, Hiromichi Tanaka replied "We are still talking with Microsoft about an Xbox 360 version, but at the moment we are only working on the PS3 version and Windows version."

When asked if the lack of an Xbox 360 port was down to Microsoft's strict Xbox Live Policies, Tanaka refused to elaborate. It's clear that for now FF14 is remaining PS3 and PC only, but Tanaka and his team definitely seem interested in an Xbox 360 port. The PC version of the game on show at E3 2010 was compatible with Xbox 360 controllers.

Check out the full interview here and our hands-on impressions with Final Fantasy XIV here!

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