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First Screenshots for Wizard's Symphony

Following its reveal earlier this month, Arc System Works has posted the first screenshots for Wizard's Symphony, a dungeon crawler successor to the Wizard's Harmony games on Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation.

Wizard's Symphony is a dungeon crawler featuring a first-person viewpoint. During battle and dungeon exploration, the characters will occasionally converse with each other, in both silly and serious manner.

A 'Harmonics' system also plays a role, where each character's affinity is constantly in flux and can have effect in battle. ArcSys also states there will be plenty of event illustrations by artist Moo, and the game is fully voiced.

A fourth character has also been introduced, known as Astel. She is an amnesiac girl found sleeping in the ruins who wields great combat prowess using a unique form of magic.

Gematsu has a run down on the game's storyline:

Wizard’s Sympony is set 20 years after the events of Wizard’s Harmony.

A traditional fantasy spun by new adventurers in a world of swords and magic.

A world where swords and magic have developed more than science—.

In this world, the increase in adventurers shows no signs of stopping, and trade dealing with adventurers has unexpectedly caused a bubble economy.

The protagonist, a young man named Alto, is a “Historic Ruins Tour Guide”—or “Conductor” for short—which is one of the occupations born from that bubble.

Set in the city of “Kazan,” where traces of the magical kingdom Glasoska thought to have been destroyed in a single night 1,000 years ago remain, Alto and company’s adventure is about to begin—.

Find screenshots and artwork in the gallery below. Wizard's Symphony is set to release this fall in Japan on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Read up on the cast of characters here.

Wizard's Symphony Screenshots and Artwork

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