Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet 1st DLC batch Ambush of the Imposters will be out on April 26

Bandai Namco has published details on the first DLC batch for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet that has been planned to be released in April 2018, and it will be out later this week. This batch is titled Ambush of the Imposters (or Champion of Gunfire in Japan). You can also check out the big picture of the remaining two DLC batches right here. All three DLC batches can also be bought at once with the game's season pass.

The time is before the assault on SBC Fleugel...

There has been a rumor circulating around that an ArFA-sys appears as enemy on a field.
The protagonist, Kirito, and others followed the information and heads to the field.
With cooperations from Yamikaze, Dyne, Musketeer X and others, they reached the destination, but what they see there is... something that awakens another story of yours.

The new storyline will be accessible after reaching the Forgotten Forest. This DLC will also add 3 new characters from Sword Art Online: Phantom Bullet.

  1. Yamikaze (voiced by Go Shinomiya)
  2. Dyne (voiced by Satoshi Tsuruoka)
  3. Musketeer X (voiced by Hibiku Yamamura)

Ambush of the Imposters will add a high-difficulty dungeon with a new boss named Elemental Wizard. It will also add Bullet of Bullets Simulation (BoBS) mode which is accessible by the Avatar during offline play. You will control your own Avatar, first fighting in three 1-on-1 preliminary matches before getting into the final 8-player battle royale where the last man/woman standing will become the winner.

The 1st DLC batch for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, Ambush of the Imposters, will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 26, and Steam on April 27. In addition to that, there will be a free update patch to Ver.1.2.0 that will be published on April 25 and will make the following adjustments which are available to all players regardless of whether they've bought the DLC or not:

  • Adds Deathmatch rule in Online Battles: A 4-vs-4 online battle without enemy bosses, applicable to both Hero and Avatar Battles
  • Raises level cap from 150 to 175
  • Unlocks weapon rank up to 8
  • Adds new weapons, etc.
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet 1st DLC - Ambush of the Imposters / Champion of Gunfire
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