SaGa Scarlet Grace gets its debut trailer for PS4, Switch, Mobile, and PC

Update: Well, that didn't take long. Lead series designer and director Akitoshi Kawazu confirmed via his Twitter account that an English release is planned for a later date. Now we play the waiting game.


Sure, we still don't know whether Square Enix intends to localize SaGa Scarlet Grace for the west, but the fact they continue to promote a PC version means we may be working our way ever closer to an official announcement.

That hopeful feeling perpetuates today as the publisher shared some new details regarding the enhanced port of the title that was originally released on the PlayStation Vita title, including a debut trailer and new screenshots.


First off, a little bit about the story for those who are unfamiliar. Much like other entries in the series, SaGa Scarlet Grace follows a story that is told from the perspective of multiple protagonists. The gameplay is very much focused on player freedom to roam around and access different scenarios at will. All the while, your characters continue to grow with SaGa's unique progression system that works a lot differently than traditional leveling. 

The enhanced port itself features several additions including new characters, new background music, voice work (all playable characters are now voiced), and several new events and side quests to partake in. The combat system itself has seen beefed up with far more skills, formations, secret bosses, and other new enemies added to the game.

On the system side of things, the move to competing platforms has motivated Square Enix to make some significant improvements including drastically reduced load times, high-definition visuals, improved movement speed, a new user interface (which can be reverted back to the old one if the player so chooses), and much more. 


Finally, Square Enix has announced a brand new Limited Edition of the game will be available exclusively through the Square Enix e-Store in Japan for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It contains a copy of the game; SaGa Series Artworks, which has 352 pages worth of full-color illustrations from series artist Tomomi Kobayashi; a sound selection CD with around 20 songs in total; a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle; an item code for the PC browser game Imperial SaGa; and a postcard illustrated by Kobayashi.

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Check out the debut trailer for the enhanced port below:

Here are some new screenshots for the game as well:

SaGa Scarlet Grace Gallery

SaGa Scarlet Grace is scheduled to be released on August 2 in Japan for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile (iOS and Android).

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