First Screenshots and Details for Brave Neptune

Following its announcement last month, Compile Heart has provided the first details for Brave Neptune, the newest title in the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise. As revealed with the announcement, Brave Neptune is somewhat of a deviation from the expected this time around, as it is a 2D sidescroller RPG developed by Artisan Studios in Quebec.

Revealed in Dengeki PlayStation, the game is set to release on September 27 in Japan for PlayStation 4. The game's subtitle also translates along the lines of "O World, O Universe, Behold!! The Declaration of Ultimate RPG!!"

Some screenshots have also surfaced via Amazon Japan, which showcases the game's 2D style and combat. It's difficult to say with certainty, but the images do seem to resemble the likes of Enix's classic Valkyrie Profile in terms of platforming and battle system.


Brave Neptune takes place in a dimension of Gamindustri where 2D games are dominant and preferred. An organization named Silkworm rules this domain, praising 2D games over higher technologies. Neptune and the other Goddesses suddenly find themselves in this realm, but they have forgotten everything except for their names. 

Neptune, declaring herself the brave protagonist of this game (hence the title), obtains a mysterious book (Histoire) and sets out on a journey.

Find screenshots and artwork in the gallery below.  Localization details have yet to be announced.

Brave Neptune Screenshots