Octopath Traveler introduces Cyrus, Ophelia, Talents, and party setup

Nintendo and Square Enix have posted a new May Update trailer for Octopath Traveler, introducing the final two playable protagonists characters, Talents, and an explanation on how the game's eight characters work in context of the storyline.

Cyrus is a scholar seeking the mysteries of a lost home. His path action is Scrutinize, which allows him to gain information from NPCs which can result in benefits like shop discounts and other secrets.

Ophelia is a cleric of the Order of the Sacred Flame, who sets off on a pilgrimage. Her path action is Guide, which allows her to escort NPCs to take them to various locations and solve their problems.

The video also introduces Talents, which are passive abilities unique to each of the eight protagonists that take effect either in battle or on the field, separate from NPC interactions: 

  • Cyrus - Study Foe: Can reveal enemy weaknesses at the start of combat.
  • Olberic - Bolster Defense: Can boost his own defense while protecting members of the party.
  • Alfyn - Concoct: Can craft potions during battle for both restorative and offensive purposes.
  • H'aanit - Capture: Can tame beasts in combat, and then use them against enemies.
  • Ophelia & Primrose - Summon: Each character can summon an NPC they are guiding or have charmed to battle, allowing up to six total characters in combat.
  • Tressa - Eye for Money: Can pick up money randomly while walking on the field.
  • Therion - Pick Lock: Can open special treasure chests.

Finally, the video explains how the game's eight protagonists work in the context of the storyline. The player chooses one protagonist to start the journey with and will meet the other seven during the course of the game. You can eventually form a team of four out of any of the protagonists and can follow each character's storyline to completion in a single playthrough.


Octopath Traveler is set to release on July 13 for Nintendo Switch. You can find April's update here, introducing H'aanit, Therion, noble & rogue actions, and side-stories.