Shulk And Fiora Blades Join The Fight In Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Challenge Battle Mode

Nintendo has revealed that the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Challenge Battle Mode will release tomorrow, and, as an even greater surprise, that Shulk and Fiora from the original Xenoblade Chronicles will appear as Blades.

First shown on Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3 2018 earlier today, this new mode tasks you with proving your might in Nopon Archsage's Challenges.


These are a series of battles that you must complete within a given time limit, defeating the waves of enemies that you are faced with earning you Ether Cubes that can be used to unlock in-game rewards such as costumes - Nintendo's example in their presentation being Pyra wearing her hooded cloak.

The Challenge Battle Mode also promises "some minor story elements that show the characters in a new light," with some relating specifically to the challenges that you must complete. 

One example that was shown was the Titan Battleship Assault, a Special Battle where you play as Jin and must defeat 100 enemies on the Titan Battleship as quickly as possible. This lets you see an early story event in the main game from his perspective, and challenges you to be as skilled in slaughtering his opposition. 


This news comes after Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country was revealed in yesterday's Nintendo Direct: E3 2018, expansive story content in which you will explore a new Titan, the Kingdom of Torna - meeting new heroes in a story that takes place 500 years before those events witnessed in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

The Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Challenge Battle Mode will release as part of the Expansion Pass tomorrow at 10pm PT alongside a new software update, version 1.5.0. That means that the content will become available on Friday for those in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


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