Arc the Lad R is now available in Japan

Update: Arc the Lad R is now available in Japan on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Publisher ForwardWorks (a Sony subsidiary) has announced through its website that Arc the Lad R, the latest entry in the long-running Arc the Lad series that began on the original PlayStation 1, will be released for iOS and Android devices later this week in Japan. There has been no word on a western localization.


The company has also shared the bonuses new players will receive after the game achieved 300,000 pre-registered users. They include 1,000 spirit gems (the game's currency that will let players partake in the gacha system), 50,000 Goz (the normal currency), five great rainbow crystals, and a four-star Tosh (a character from the first Arc the Lad). 

You can learn more about the game by checking out our original write-up from when the game was officially revealed a few weeks ago. Check out the announcement trailer below:

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