Phantasy Star launches on Nintendo Switch in September

Sega has announced that the Sega Ages version of the original Phantasy Star will launch for Nintendo Switch eShop in September. The game will cost ¥925 in Japan, with worldwide pricing yet to be revealed.


Phantasy Star is the third game to be released as part of the Sega Ages initiative on Nintendo Switch, following Sonic the Hedgehog and Thunderforce IV, which are supposed to release before the end of August. Other upcoming titles also include Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Gain Ground, with several more titles yet to be announced. All games will be releasing in Japan, North America, and Europe simultaneously, according to the Japanese press release.

In addition to a faithful version of the RPG, the Sega Ages version includes:

  • A lower difficulty setting
  • A new Monster Codex detailing every creature encountered in the game
  • An item guide detailing every consumable and piece of equipment
  • An auto-mapping feature to make dungeon navigation simpler
  • FM music with a music player to listen to the game's soundtrack (19 tracks in both FM and PSG).

The inclusion of FM music here is especially nice to have, because no localized version prior has been able to include it due to hardware limitations at the original release.

Sega Ages: Phantasy Star Screenshots