Square Enix's The Last Remnant to be delisted from Steam

Square Enix has quietly announced that they will be pulling The Last Remnant from the Steam storefront in September. The RPG will no longer be available to purchase (physically or digitally), but those who already own the game will still be able to play. It is currently listed at $9.99, which is the game's regular full price.


Here is the announcement post in full:

Hi everyone,

We will soon be discontinuing digital and physical sales of The Last Remnant on PC. 

Sales will cease at the times below:-

  • Japan region: Wednesday 5th September, approximately 2:00 (JST)
  • NA region: Tuesday 4th September, approximately 10:00(PDT)
  • EU region: Tuesday 4th September, approximately 17:00(GMT)

Anyone already owning the game will still be able to play as per usual.

Thanks to everyone who’s adventured with the Mitras, Yamas, Qsitis and Sovanis!

The Last Remnant originally released worldwide for Xbox 360 in 2008, with a PC port following in early 2009. It's a historically interesting title in Square Enix's catalog, as it was one of the earliest Japanese games to get a PC release in the HD era. While the PC version has some oddities, with some easily made user tweaks it's overall a solid port of a unique RPG, all things considered. The PC version also contains several quality-of-life enhancements not found in the original Xbox 360 release, such as a turbo mode.

It's unclear the reasoning as to why the game will be delisted. Considering the game originally released almost exactly ten years ago, there is possibly some license expiring from the original launch. When we reached out to Square Enix for clarification, all they could offer was the statement posted above on Steam. Oddly coincidentally, The Last Remnant was also listed as one of the titles listed for Linux compatibility with the revised Steam Play just earlier this week.

For those looking for mechanically dense, interesting games, then consider purchasing The Last Remnant while it is still available. It takes some effort to understand the undeniably weird combat system, but it's certainly one of Square Enix's rough gems worth playing.

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