Yakuza Online releases a new trailer and pre-registration bonuses

More information on Ryu ga Gotoku ONLINE, also known as Yakuza ONLINE, has been revealed on the official website. Earlier this morning pre-registration was opened for this new mobile (and PC) entry to the Yakuza series. A series of pre-registration rewards were listed on the website featuring in-game currency, familiar items like Stamina MAX, with the final reward being an SSR Haruka (who is capable of restoring the health of allies). An additional pre-order bonus in collaboration with Phantasy Star Online is a SR Nishikiyama.  A new trailer was also released, showing the new mainline protagonist Kasuga Ichiban brandishing his tattoo.

  • 10,000 pre-registrations – 100 diamonds
  • 30,000 pre-registrations – One Upgrade Coin , 100 diamonds 
  • 50,000 pre-registrations – Five Ability Coins, 100 diamonds 
  • 80,000 pre-registations – Stamina MAX, 100 diamonds
  • 100,000 pre-registrations – SSR Haruka Sawamura, 100 diamonds 

Additionally, it was finally confirmed that a handful of fan favorite characters will be returning in this mobile entry. New character information has also been added to the main portal, detailing more information about Ichiban himself and a few mysterious figures involved in his story. Biographies for Masumi Arakawa, leader of the Arakawa family, Jou Sawashiro, lieutenant of the Arakawa family, and Mitsuo Yasumura, a member of the Arakawa family, have been added detailing some of their involvement in this new entry. Characters will also receive unique character episodes, so players will be able to learn more about them as well.

The website also shows some screenshots of what looks like a Hostess Club feature where players will be able to interact with Hostesses on their downtime. However, the details of this feature or other mini-game like activities have not yet been fully disclosed but will hopefully be elaborated on in the near future. This being said it appears as though you can buy hostesses food and drinks to raise their affinity during timed conversation similarly to this feature in the console titles. 


Players can pre-register through several methods which include Twitter, SEGA ID, email, LINE app and Google Play. How this will work with cross play through mobile and PC has yet to be elaborated on. 

You can find the new trailer below.

Ryu ga Gotoku Online
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Ryu ga Gotoku ONLINE will launch for PC, iOS, and Android in Japan in 2018. You can read more about our coverage of Yakuza ONLINE here.

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