Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - Collapse of Balance DLC coming out on August 30

Bandai Namco has published a lot of details for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet's third and last DLC batch to be included in the season pass. While the main highlight here is the addition of Alice and Eugeo from the Alicization arc of the Sword Art Online series, this DLC - combined with a free update patch that will be available the day before - will add a whole lot of new content to this shooting action RPG which has been released worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam last February.

You can read the full lists of the DLC content and patch notes, which have been translated from the Japanese official website, after watching the official trailer for the upcoming DLC right below.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet's 3rd DLC batch: Collapse of Balance (also titled Driver of Machines in Japan) will be available on August 30. It will add the following features:

  • New storyline featuring Lievre
  • New characters: Alice (voiced by Ai Kayano) & Eugeo (voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki)
  • Defense Quest, a tower defense-like mode where you can summon defense units and prevent enemies from advancing
  • New Sword Skills that are unlocked by clearing quests from Alice & Eugeo
  • More high-difficulty dungeons & bosses, such as the Lv125 Behemoth MT-04
  • New movies from this DLC to Gallery Mode
  • New dungeon Lost Gate
  • Sleepover scenes with Alice & Eugeo
  • More quests from Alice, Eugeo, Zeliska, Argo, Yui, & LLENN
  • New avatar customization parts: 3 hairstyles each for male & female, 2 male face styles, & 1 female face style
  • 5 new craftable costumes
  • 4 new weapons: SMG Technical V, Pandemonium, Royal Guard, & AR Blue Rose
  • 2 new accessories: Night Beret & Retro Casket

A free update patch that brings the game version up to 1.4.0 will be published a day earlier on August 29. For players who have bought the Season Pass or the 2nd DLC pack Betrayal of Comrades, this update will also add events that can be watched on the bed in the expanded room, as well as expanding the maximum limit of Memory Chip enhancements. The following list of patch notes will be applied to all players:


  • Hero Quest, an offline mode where you can use hero characters (Kirito, Asuna etc)
  • 3 Hero Quest stages
  • 4 high-difficulty online co-op quests after game clear: Corpse Sniffer 2, Manhunter 2, Brionac 2, Observing Hierophant 2
  • Able to chat with character strings in Online Lobby
  • Clearing quests with certain characters in the party will net additional rewards
  • Shows the spawn locations of Named Enemy & Bounty quests which have been prioritized in the map
  • 4 more costumes that can be traded with medals
  • Also able to trade medals for lookalike costumes
  • New avatar customization parts: 1 hairstyle each for male & female, 2 eyebrow types
  • 9 new items that can be bought by ArFA-sys after clearing the game
  • More rewards based on the total money earned
  • Feature to change friends' accessories, weapons, and memory chips
  • Argo will sell items that let you change friends' memory chips
  • More experience points from some bosses
  • 23 new skills
  • Lisbeth can upgrade weapons to Rank 10
  • Weapon Upgrade Material r9
  • Max level cap raised from 200 to 225
  • Expands max values of accessory memory chip effects
  • Appraise multiple items at once
  • Expands max limit of money that can be both held by Player & stored by ArFA-sys


  • Strengthened weapon arts (Sword, Gun&Sword)
  • Adjusted physical parameters for front hair & more
  • Adjusted controls in Item Box (Select all, Change quantity to all)
  • Restrain voices when criticals occur repeatedly
  • Max amount of SP that can be obtained adjusted to 30000


  • Improved a phenomenon in online versus & co-op where players stay afloat
  • Miscellaneous behavior stability improvements
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