Nintendo and Cygames announce Dragalia Lost launches September 27

During a special Nintendo Direct broadcast held last night, the company shared a slew of new details regarding Dragalia Lost, the upcoming mobile RPG they're co-developing with Cygames. Those interested in checking out the game early can now pre-register either through the App Store for iOS users or the Google Play store for Android users ahead of its launch on September 27 in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.

Here are all the details we have collected from both the app pages and from the newly-launched English website.

  • An action RPG forged by humans and dragons: Dragalia Lost is a swipe-controlled action RPG about the bonds shared between humans and dragons. Conquer your enemies using an array of powerful attacks and special skills and even by transforming into a dragon yourself!"

  • A tale of heroes, legends, and allies, together: Over 60 voiced characters are ready and waiting to aid your quest!"

  • Music by DAOKO: Dragalia Lost features music by the Japanese artist DAOKO. Her captivating musical score enhances the upbeat gaming experience!"


The Story


“O great dragon of the forest! If you can hear my voice, then heed my call. Grant me the pactstone’s power!”

Alberia… A kingdom where dragons rule over nature. The Alberian royal family possesses the power of shapeshifting. By forming a pact with a dragon, they can borrow its form and wield its immense strength.

One day, the kingdom is met with a strange and most troubling occurrence. The power of the Sacred Shard that protects the city begins to weaken. In order to protect his people, the seventh prince of Alberia, not yet pactbound with a dragon, sets out on what’s known as the Dragon Choosing.

While he seeks a dragon to form a pact with, he’ll meet new companions - including a mysterious girl from another time - and face a sudden and inexplicable change in his own father, the king.

Such are the chronicles of the bonds and battles that await the Dragonblood Prince.

The History of Alberia


A history of Humankind and Dragons, As Told Since Antiquity.

It was 1,00 years ago that humans and dragons were locked in a vicious conflict against one another. Humans made continuous technological advancements while dragons chose to honor the natural order of things. It seemed all but inevitable that the two sides should come to war.

Amid the chaos of war, the humans summoned forth a demon to destroy the dragons. But this creature turned on its summoners and cast the world into despair.

To stand against the demon, Ilia - the greatest among the humans, who would later become Auspex - formed a pact with the Holywyrm Elysium, the greatest among the dragons. Their shared struggle saw the fell creature sealed away.

And so ended what would come to be known as the First War of Binding. And so the history of humankind and dragons began anew.

Alberia: The Royal Family


The Chosen Lineage: Those Who Inherit the Blood of Dragons.

The Alberian Royal Family rules over the South Grastaean continent. King Aurelius and his eight children have all inherited the blood of dragons.

The “blood of dragons” refers to unique blood vessels that allow for the forming of pacts with dragons. Only the princes and princesses who have inherited this trait may undertake the Dragon Choosing, in which they will be able to form such a pact.

Up to the sixth born of the royal family has so far passed this trial, each pactbound to their own dragon. And so, the protagonist of our story - the seventh heir to the throne - ventures off to undertake a Dragon Choosing of his own at the behest of his father, King Aurelius.

Character Relationships




Element: Wind


The Windwyrm, a long resident of the Mistholt. The first dragon to personally meet Alberius, he supported him with his extensive knowledge. Stern but fair, he can manipulate weather, and is often referred to as the lord of storms.


Element: Fire


The Flamewyrm who dwells in Mount Adolla. Known for having a temper like boiling magma, people fear her wrath. It is rumored that eruptions of Mount Adolla are caused by the overflow of her mana.


Element: Water


This protector of Saint Lotier has lived in the nearby waters since antiquity and watched over its people. He once had fins to better dwell in the water, but eventually chose to walk among humans, and so obtained four legs via magic.


Element: Light


The Lightwyrm who rules the thundery skies and has guided countless heroes. The lightning made by his body makes people dream of reaching the heavens. He is rather capricious and hedonistic, perhaps because he came from a superior being.


Element: Darkness


The Shadowwyrm, a feared legend in South Grastaea who has personally put an end to many a dynasty. People’s resentment has gradually rotted away both his flesh and bone. While bearing fearful power, he has also gained respect from humans.


Main Character - The Dragonblood Prince

Element: Fire


The seventh heir of the Alberian royal family, he lives with the mutual support of his twin sister Zethia and the faerie Notte. Always smiling, he has a unique blend of unwavering courage and intense consideration of others.

Zethia - The Holy Auspex

Element: Light


The twin sister of the seventh prince, and one of the few maidens of the Church. Quick to cry as a child, she became more stoic after the passing of her mother. She’s now a strong-willed young woman who cherishes her older brother.



A mysterious faerie the twins met when they were young. The three of them promised each other they would overcome any hardships together, an oath that Notte takes quite seriously. Her bright, sunny personality can easily raise any group’s spirits.

Elisanne: Anointed Lance


A knight of the Ilian Church, and a prodigy whose skill gained her the title of “Paladyn”. However, she’s currently been branded a heretic and is being actively pursued. Though tough, she secretly has some softer interests.

Ranzal - Arc in the Storm


A skilled mercenary whose sloppy appearance and careless tongue can make for a sour first impression—although he always acts with honor and conviction in the end. He’s been known to occasionally cut a little TOO loose at banquets.

Cleo - Belle Healer


A young girl who defended the Halidom for ages while it was sealed in mist, and always has control of her emotions. She now aids the new master of the Halidom, the prince, and is known for her intense housework skills.

Luca - Woodland Archer


A boy who loves his home village of Woodhaven. He puts no airs on his honest nature, and is more prone to quick action than deliberation. His love of pranks is often met with punches from his little sister, but he cares for her greatly.

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