Free 'Adventure' Update released for Moonlighter

11 Bit Studios and Digital Sun continue to improve roguelike/shop RPG Moonlighter with new content and quality-of-life enhancements. The 'Adventure' update released today as the second major update to the game as detailed in the previously released roadmap, and it's offered free of charge.

The Adventure update includes new weapons, amulets, a New Game + mode, and more. Find an overview below:

  • NEW GAME + - Play again the full Moonlighter adventure with more challenging enemies and bosses. To beat the game you will have two new sets of items, the Pirate Weapons, and the Amulets.
  • PIRATE WEAPONS - A new full set of weapons that are crafted with dimensional pirates’ knowledge. Those weapons could be enchanted with elemental effects (confusion, poison, fire or electricity) to alter their power.
  • AMULETS - Mysterious rings found in the dungeons that will offer new abilities for the players. Be careful, though, because most of them can cause some serious side effects!
  • GAME SLOTS - Now, you'll be able to have more than one game slot in the game.
  • QUICK-SELLING MIRROR - Tired of selecting each item to be sold? Now, you'll be able to select the mirror and simply click over the elements you want to sell.

More information about this update and other fixes to Moonlighter can be found on the game's Steam Community page.