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Death end re;Quest - Glitch Mode Screenshots

Idea Factory International has released new screenshots for Death end re;Quest, showcasing the game's Glitch Mode.

Here's the overview via Idea Factory:

Whenever a party member touches a "Field Bug" or is attacked, their "Corruption Level" increases. When your party member's Corruption Level exceeds a certain threshold, your party member will transform into "Glitch Mode" where they obtain God-Level abilities! But be wary of over-extending your party member's Corruption Level! Once your Corruption Level surpasses a certain limit, your characters will be unable to move entirely, and if they fall and are revived in battle, they'll come back with status ailments! Utilize Glitch Mode to your advantage!

Find the screenshots in the gallery below. Death end re;Quest is set to release in Early 2019 for PlayStation 4. In case you missed in, check out the game's opening movie and character introductions.

Death end re;Quest Screenshots

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