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Wizard's Symphony set to release in Japan on February 28, 2019; new trailer and screenshots

Arc System Works has announced that dungeon crawler Wizard's Symphony will release in Japan on February 28, 2019. The publisher also released a teaser trailer, opened the game's official website, and introduced more members of the character cast.

Wizard's Symphony is a dungeon crawler follow-up to the Japan-only Wizard's Harmony series released in the 90s, featuring character designs by original artist Moo. In addition to usual dungeon crawling gameplay elements, Wizard's Symphony exhibits a character Affinity system where the relationships between characters can have an effect in combat. These affinities can be raised both through the story and gameplay, allowing characters to perform actions such as Harmonics Burst special attacks and protect each other in battle from damage or status effects.

Four new character bios can be found below, and screenshots in the gallery. Translations for these characters were done by Gematsu [1. 2] You can find the debut screenshots and information here.

Feline Sora - A half-cat traveling while studying alchemy. She has a carefree personality, and sometimes lacks cooperativeness because of her “study” first policy. In battle, she is an attacker who utilizes alchemy and the “Necronomicon” grimoire packed with alchemic wisdom to attack groups of enemies at once with vast range, attribute-based attacks. Her enthusiasm for studying has gone far enough to impact her sense of money, which has gone mad to the point that she will waste money to buy any alchemic material she comes across.

Nina Lazydaisy - A healer chasing after her dream of becoming a popular idol. She loves to sing and dance. While she is helpful and caring, it often gets her involved in others’ troubles… She is also a troubled older sister-type who becomes a crying drunk when she drinks. In battle, she supports party members extensively with her singing and dancing talents, but when using skills, she requires her very own dedicated “Song Tokens” instead of MP.

SIlvia Milsteen - An elf and magical swordswoman. With an overly serious and graceful personality, she can also be somewhat passive. Although an elf, she is not blessed with magical talent. She is a hard worker who, in order to overcome that handicap, continued her training in swordsmanship to master the magical sword.

Shusui Kurenai - A mercenary swordsman of the samurai in the east who values honor and discipline. While his skills with a sword are a cut above the rest, he left on a journey of training in search of something greater. During that journey, he ended up in Kazan, where he met Alto and company.

Wizard's Symphony Screenshots and Artwork

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