Japanese exclusive Yakuza Online reaches over one million users in under a week

Within just short of a week Japan exclusive mobile game Yakuza Onlinehas reached over one million users. This is fairly impressive given that Onlinelaunched five days ago on November 21. As a thanks to players ten draw tickets will be gifted to users on December 6 after scheduled maintenance on top of the already voluminous pre-registration rewards.

Yakuza Online, Ryu ga Gotoku Studio's mobile game, focuses on new protagonist Kasuga Ichiban as he returns to the streets of Kamurocho after spending seventeen years in prison. This title has numerous features that include a very dense main story, sub-stories, character specific stories, events, player versus player combat, and even activities to participate in at a hostess club. It's no surprise that Yakuza Online has taken off.

While there is no word of a potential localization for this mobile and PC title, hopefully given the sheer popularity and interest in the Japanese release Sega might consider one for the Western audience.

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