NIS America opens survey regarding Disgaea series and other NIS developed titles

NIS America has posted a survey for fans to provide feedback regarding the Disgaea series and other NIS developed titles. 

The survey mainly requests input regarding the Disgaea series, asking what elements fans enjoy about the series and also allowing suggestions on other genres Disgaea might spin-off into. The survey also asks about other NIS franchises, allowing input on what series could be revived and how that might be done (remaster, sequel, etc). The list of games includes: Rhapsody, Phantom Brave, GrimGrimoire, La Pucelle, Makai Kingdom, Soul Nomad, and Z.H.P.

You can access the survey here. The survey will be open throughout the rest of the year.


We value your feedback, and we invite you to complete a survey so we can collect any suggestions and input that you may have! The survey will be live starting today and will run through the end of December. Let us know what titles and content you enjoyed most and what you would like to see in the future! (A Disgaea fighting game perhaps?!)

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