Death end re;Quest - Characters + Dialogue Screenshots

Idea Factory International has posted new screenshots for Death end re;Quest, which showcase dialogue and characters. The niche publisher also introduces four more characters for the RPG - members of a group called Ludens. The official website has also been updated with the Ludens home, called the Strain Area.

Find the screenshots and descriptions below. Death end re;Quest is set to release on February 19 in North America and February 22 in Europe for PlayStation 4. You can check out the previously released Real World screenshots here.

Death end re;Quest 'Ludens' Characters
  • Alice She is the Agent of Desire, who often speaks for the rest of the Ludens. Her peaceful demeanor might trick you into thinking she's approachable, but she has a tendency to look down upon others.
  • Ripuka - She is obsessed with murders and massacres. Her desires to kill inspires her to commit unfathomable atrocities.
  • Nova - She is the Agent of Wrath. Her aggressive front makes her difficult to reason with. She is a masochist, deriving enjoyment from the inflicting of pain.
  • Levin He is the Agent of Fear, and is the only male amongst the Ludens.
Death end re;Quest Dialogue Screenshots


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