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Bandai Namco releases new screenshots for God Eater 3's Update 1.30

Bandai Namco has released new screenshots for more upcoming new content in God Eater 3. The next major update to version 1.30 will add substantial post-game content such as post-story and new party characters.

Zeke Pennywort's younger brothers, Keith and Neil, will be added as new NPC allies in the next update. Keith's skill set will make use of his Mechanic background. While he mainly fights in close-range combat, he can also support his allies. Meanwhile, Neil will prefer to act on his own as not to interfere with other allies, and he also seems to be good at searching enemies.

More new Aragami monsters such as Ashstorm Anubis and Ameno Havakiri will also be added, and they will play a role in the post-game story. Other than that, the update 1.30 will add new Assault Missions and also new costumes and accessories for the player avatar.

God Eater 3's update to version 1.30 will be available within this Spring. An earlier update to version 1.20 was recently launched last week. Later on, in Early Summer, another update to version 1.40 will add Time Attack Missions among others. You can also read our launch review of the game.

God Eater 3 update 1.30 screenshots

Post-Game Story Synopsis (May contain spoilers - read at your own discretion)

Ein and the Hounds have made progress on the development of the Adaptive Armor. When this technology is completed, it will establish "a new business" for the Hounds.
Establishing the business should become the first step for the protagonist's team to realize their dream. While the entire team is going out, Ein introduces a new helper to them. He turns out to be Neil, Zeke's brother who was separated alive.

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