Super Neptunia RPG releases for PC on June 20, Switch/PS4 versions release on June 25 for North America and June 28 for Europe

Idea Factory International has announced that Super Neptunia RPG for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch will release in North America on June 25 and in Europe on June 28. The Steam version will launch a few days earlier on June 20, and the store page can be found here.

Idea Factory has also revealed information on bonus content for the PC release, as well details on the battle system and game flow, as found on the official website. Find the overview and screenshots below via Idea Factory.


Alongside the Steam release, we also have several updates for the Steam launch including:

  • A 20% weeklong launch game discount
  • The Deluxe Bundle with a permanent 20% discount (includes game + Deluxe Pack)
  • The Deluxe Pack with a weeklong 20% launch discount
The Deluxe pack includes:
  • Character Art Collection 
  • Background Art Collection 
  • Rough Art Collection 
  • PC Wallpapers x2 
  • Mobile Wallpapers x5
  • Soundtrack

Battle System

Battle System Screenshots showcase different battle formations players can set during battle, such as Strike, Magic, Support, and Heal. There is also a couple of system UI screenshots that show off the skills that you can assign to each formation, as well as the formation bonuses you can gain during battle. Players can also apply Abilities that can enable additional stat boosts to elemental resistances, vitality, and defense.

Lastly, we have three new system updates on the official website: Game FlowSkills, and Abilities.

Game Flow:

  • Explore dungeons as Neptune! As soon as Neptune attacks/touches a monster, a battle will begin. Land a Symbol Attack on a monster to have a better advantage at the start of battle!
  • Within dungeons, Neptune can jump, double jump, and summon a squishy pudding-like monster to help players reach higher platforms and treasure.
  • During battle, players can fight with up to 4 party members. Pay close attention to your Action Points (AP), as each skill cast by a party member requires a certain amount of AP. Take advantage of an enemy's weakness to recover additional AP!
  • There are 4 formation types that can be switched on-the-fly: Strike, Magic, Support, and Heal. Attack types and passive bonuses change with each formation.
  • Players will also recognize several important gauges to keep an eye out for: Goddess Gauge, AP Gauge, Break Attack Gauge, and the Enemy's AP Gauge.


  • Skills are attacks that characters can use with each formation. Players will use them by either equipping items endowed with Skills or by learning said Skills.
  • By winning a battle, the items you have equipped will gain experience, and by fulfilling the conditions, you will be able to learn the Skills held by that item. After learning the Skill, players can unequip the item and still keep the skill learned from the item.
  • Prepare for battle by setting your skills before hand. Remember, each formation has a different skill that a party member can cast, so you can equip up to 4 different skills for each character (16 in total). Note that certain skills can only be used in a specific formation (i.e. Strike Formation).


  • Abilities are skills that provide huge advantages. They are held by equipment (weapons, armor, accessories).
  • Set your Abilities by using Ability Points. The higher the character's level is, the more Ability Points you will receive. When you win a battle, the items you have equipped will gain experience, and if the conditions are fulfilled, you can learn the Abilities they hold. You can then set the Ability without having to equip the item.
Super Neptunia RPG Screens
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