Super Neptunia RPG screenshots introduce more battle system information

Idea Factory International has posted new information and screenshots for Super Neptunia RPG, offering further details on the game's battle system as well as reintroducing the Neptunia cast of characters. The publisher also recently revealed a Limited Edition that players can purchase.


Find character bios, battle system details, and Limited Edition information below. You can find the first set of battle system screenshots and Steam Deluxe Edition information here

Super Neptunia RPG is set tor release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in North America on June 25 and in Europe on June 28. The Steam version will launch a few days earlier on June 20.

Super Neptunia RPG Characters

Super Neptunia RPG Characters

Neptune: The amazing hero whose name is in the very title! Despite being so heroic, the only thing she seems to remember is her name. She cannot recall who or what she was. After defeating a monster, the brilliant thought dawned upon her: she must be... a hero! Wielding her uselessly gratuitous supply of energy, she gathers allies and sets off on a journey in search of the truth.

Noire: After waking, she realized her memories were gone. She's looking for any clues about her identity. Her name is the only thing she can remember. She met up with Blanc, who had also lost her memories, and is now making a living by completing tasks for the Guild. It hasn't been easy, and she becomes increasingly frustrated with the little amount of clues she's found so far. But a good night's sleep always clears it up for some reason...

Blanc: When she came to, her memories were gone. The only thing she knew was her name. Together with the similarly amnesiatic Noire, she's making a living by completing tasks for the Guild. Her pursuit of books is voracious, and recovering her memories are secondary to her literary hunt. She's a quick-thinker, but when she can't figure something out, she'll hold an internal meeting to come up with an answer.

Vert: The innkeeper took Vert in after she was found collapsed on the road. Vert's been freeloading at the inn ever since. She's also lost her memories. The only thing she remembers about the past is her name. For a while now, she's brought supplies to the Resistance base in exchange with being able to play games there. She is satisfied with her current lifestyle, and it seems she has little interest in getting her memories back.

Chrome: A woman being chased by the Bombyx Mori. She refuses to divulge anything about herself. One day, she meets Neptune, but leaves her with only Histoire and some advice.

Super Neptunia RPG Battle System - Elements and Break Attacks

Super Neptunia RPG Battle Screenshots


Elements: Skills have an Elemental type that can affect the damage that enemies and allies take. With a total of 9 Elements, players will need to prepare and set their skills accordingly to defeat any foe. An enemy can react to elements in three different ways: Weak, Absorb, and Resist. Players should note that if the elemental match-up is unfavorable, you can end up dealing zero damage, or even healing the enemy.

Goddess Form: Players can transform their CPUs into their Goddess Form when the Goddess Gauge is filled. The Goddess Gauge will increase as your CPU take damage from an enemy during battle. Transforming into their Goddess Form will change your CPU's appearance and also increase their stats.

Break Attacks: Each character can perform a character-specific special attack known as a Break Attack. Before you can cast your Break Attack, players will need to fill their Break Gauge, which increases every time you deal damage to an enemy. Once a slot is filled, players can pick one character to unload their Break Attack.

Super Neptunia RPG Limited Edition

Idea Factory International revealed a Limited Edition for the game, which goes on sale on May 28 for $84.99. [Switch, PS4]



  • Super Neptunia RPG Steel Game Case
  • "Sacred Tome of the Arts" Art Book
  • Super Neptunia RPG Official Soundtrack
  • Puddingo Plushie
  • Super Neptunia RPG Playing Cards
  • Reversible Cover Sleeve
  • Collector's Box

Super Neptunia RPG Steel Game Case
Protect yourself from the 2D world with the Super Neptunia RPG Steel Game Case! Featuring all the Goddesses and the infamous Bombyx Mori, it'll keep your game safe with style.

"Sacred Tome of the Arts" Art Book
A new Gamindustri rises... Learn all about its creation in the "Sacred Tome of the Arts" Art Book! Get a behind-the-scenes look at the animation process with detailed Animator Notes, Rough Sketches, Illustrations, plus bios on all your favorite characters.

Super Neptunia RPG Official Soundtrack
Relive the fantasy with the 2-Disc Super Neptunia RPG Official Soundtrack. With tracks composed by Yuki Sugiura in Japan and Denys Fontanrosa in Canada, this soundtrack is as diverse as its international composers. Tracks: 49

Puddingo Plushie
Nep's trusty Puddingo has leapt out of its 2D world and is now 3D! Its soft, squishy body might be tempting to eat, but beware - this Puddingo bounces back. Just treat it right and it'll take you to a higher level!

Warning: This item is not consumable.

Super Neptunia RPG Playing Cards
Keep the 2D coming with the Super Neptunia RPG Playing Cards! Carry around a set of cards just like Chrome with these playing cards featuring your favorite characters on all the face cards. Just remember: losers go to the Trial Grounds!

Reversible Cover Sleeve
Gamindustri has changed! And now you can change the Cover Sleeve on the Super Neptunia RPG Standard Edition. Flipping the cover sleeve will reveal the original Japanese Hero Edition art!

Collector's Box 
This Collector's Box survived the Bombyx Mori revolution, so you know it's sturdy!


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