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Azur Lane Crosswave playable character roster is completed with Nagato

Compile Heart has updated the official website for Azur Lane Crosswave by adding the battleship IJN Nagato as a playable character. Previously, after confirming the addition of KMS Bismarck, the website had also added USS St. Louis into the playable roster.

Looking at how the character list is formatted in the Japanese webpage, the inclusions of Nagato and USS St. Louis should complete the initial playable character roster of this game at 29 shipgirls - including Neptune from the Hyperdimension Neptunia collaboration which will be a pre-order exclusive playable character. The two separate slots are allocated to enemy Siren characters including Purifier, and the remaining 35 slots at the bottom are being reserved for support NPCs such as USS Indianapolis, HMS Ark Royal, and KMS Admiral Hipper.

You can take a look at the confirmed playable character list in this shooting action RPG right after the jump.


  • USS Enterprise (Carrier)
  • USS Cleveland (Light Cruiser)
  • USS Saratoga (Carrier)
  • USS St. Louis (Light Cruiser)
  • USS Portland (Heavy Cruiser)
  • USS Laffey (Destroyer)
  • USS Long Island (Light Carrier)
  • HMS Illustrious (Carrier)
  • HMS Ajax (Light Cruiser)
  • HMS Javelin (Destroyer)
  • HMS Hood (Battlecruiser)
  • HMS Belfast (Light Cruiser)
  • HMS Unicorn (Light Carrier)
  • KMS Z23 (Destroyer)
  • KMS Bismarck (Battleship)
  • KMS Prinz Eugen (Heavy Cruiser)
  • IJN Shimakaze (Destroyer)
  • IJN Suruga (Battleship)
  • IJN Akagi (Carrier)
  • IJN Atago (Heavy Cruiser)
  • IJN Ayanami (Destroyer)
  • IJN Kaga (Carrier)
  • IJN Kongou (Battlecruiser)
  • IJN Takao (Heavy Cruiser)
  • IJN Nagato (Battleship)
  • IJN Yamashiro (Aviation Battleship)
  • IJN Yukikaze (Destroyer)
  • ROC Ping Hai (Light Cruiser)
  • HDN Neptune (Light Cruiser - Pre-order exclusive)


Azur Lane Crosswave will be released for PlayStation 4 in Japan on August 29. An English localization has also be announced and will be available later in 2020.

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