Fire Emblem: Three Houses details Advanced Classes, Scouting, Facilities, Repairing weapons, more

Nintendo, Intelligent Systems, and Koei Tecmo have provided a new set of information for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Just like previous updates, the new information is published via Famitsu. This article goes more in-depth on information revealed at the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct and Treehouse streams.

In case you missed them, the previous Famitsu updates can be found at the following links:

You can read our translation of the Famitsu details below. Fire Emblem: Three Houses for Nintendo Switch will be released on July 26 worldwide.

More Characters


Caspar von Bergliez (Black Eagles character, voiced in JP by Satoshi Murakami)
The second son in Earl Bergliez's family.

As he is not the heir to the family headship, he trains hard at the officer academy to stand out in martial arts. His flaw is that he's quick to get into quarrels, but he has a sense of justice in hating lies and unfairness, so his personality is frank without a double side.

Personal Skill: Quarrel Mania - Adjacent enemies have evasion reduced by 10 in battles

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Linhardt von Hevring (Black Eagles character, voiced in JP by Shun Horie)
Legitimate child of Earl Hevring's family.

He hates restraints and loves freedom, which means he tends to feel things are troublesome; despite being clearheaded, he covets daily indolence. But he is strongly interested in Emblem Studies, so he immerses himself in that research to the point that he forgets to eat or sleep. He and Caspar are good friends although they don't have similar hobbies or personalities.

Personal Skill: Dozing - Standing by without making any movements will recover 10% of his maximum HP
Emblem: Cesleen's Lesser Emblem - A lesser emblem said to be inhibited by Saint Cesleen


Petra MacNealy (Black Eagles character, voiced in JP by Shizuka Ishigami)
The granddaughter of the King of Brigid Archipelago which is located to the west of Fodlan.

Brigid is a subordinate of the Empire, and as a proof of loyalty, she got sent from her homeland to stay at the officer academy. Although she is still not well accustomed to Fodlan language, she is enthusiastic in studying.

Personal Skill: Protective Oath - Critical +20 when enemy HP is 50% or less


Annette Fantine Dominic (Blue Lions character, voiced in JP by Takako Tanaka)
Baron Dominic's niece.

She graduated from the capital's magic academy with excellent grades. Although she is a hard-worker with a bright personality, she may also have big failures by making mistakes. She and Mercedes have been good friends since studying at the magic academy, and they've been calling each other "Merce" and "Ann".

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Personal Skill: Hard Worker - Power +4 when using a cheering command on an ally
Emblem: Dominic's Lesser Emblem - A lesser emblem handed down by Dominic of the Ten Great Fodlans


Sylvain Jose Goetie (Blue Lions character, voiced in JP by Makoto Furukawa)
Legitimate child of the Border Earl Goetie.

He cares for his friends, and people around him in the class adore him as a dependable big brother. But he is also a playboy whose hobby is wooing women, so he can't stop causing troubles. He has an elder brother who became disinherited due to not having an emblem.

Personal Skill: Woman Lover - When adjacent to a female ally, he will deal +2 damage and receive -2 damage from enemies
Emblem: Goetie's Lesser Emblem - A lesser emblem handed down by Goetie of the Ten Great Fodlans


Ingrid Brandle Galatea (Blue Lions character, voiced in JP by Manaka Iwami)

Daughter of Earl Galatea's family, she is a childhood friend of Dimitri, Felix, and Sylvain.

She aspires to become a noble knight, and due to her natural honesty, she already "looks more like a knight than an unskilled knight" as said by Dimitri. However, she loses control of herself in front of tasty things.

Personal Skill: Female Knight - Stratagem Power +3 & Accuracy +5
Emblem: Daphnel's Lesser Emblem - A lesser emblem handed down by Daphnel of the Ten Great Fodlans

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Ignatz Victor (Golden Deer character, voiced in JP by Shogo Yano)
The second son of a mercantile house in the Leicester Alliance.

As his elder brother will inherit the family business, his parents intended him to enroll in the officer academy. He aims to become a knight, but it seems like he wants to something else deep inside his heart. He has kind feelings and loves beautiful works of art and nature.

Personal Skill: Observant Eyes - Accuracy +20


Marianne von Edmund (Golden Deer character, voiced in JP by Sawako Hata)
The adopted daughter of Border Earl Edmund.

She doesn't want to get involved with other people too much, so many people never even heard of her voice. On the other hand, she opens her heart to birds and animals which she likes so much and often speaks with them. She is deeply religious and never misses daily prayers for the Goddess.

Personal Skill: Animal Lover - When adjacent to a mounted/flying ally, she recovers 20% of her max HP at the beginning of the turn
Emblem: ???'s Lesser Emblem - She has a probability of holding an emblem although the exact type is still unknown


Leonie Pinelli (Golden Deer character, voiced in JP by Sakura Nogawa)
The daughter of a hunter from the Sawin village in the Alliance territory.

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In order to become a mercenary who can make money, she took a loan from the village and enrolled in the officer academy. She works hard in training and economy every day to repay the debts and kindness of the villagers. The protagonist's father Jeralt was her inspiration to become a mercenary, and she proclaims herself to be his number one disciple and calls him Master.

Personal Skill: Hates Losing - When adjacent to a male ally, she will deal +2 damage and receive -2 damage from enemies


Katherine (voiced in JP by Chie Matsuura)
A knight working under the Knights of Seiros who has graduated from the Garreg Mach Officer Academy. A swordswoman who uses the Lightning, one of the legendary armaments known as Hero Relics, she swears her loyalty as a knight to Archbishop Leah.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters

Enemy Characters

Thares: The central figure of the Darkness Crawlers, he leads Solon and Cronier. He makes secret maneuvers all in the Fodlan continent to proceed on a certain plan.

Solon: A person who looks like a magician. He uses crafty magic and strategies fitting of his position. A dangerous figure indeed.

Cronier: One of the Darkness Crawlers. Although she looks like an energetic young woman, she speaks in a childish way and has a cruel personality.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Enemies
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Advanced Classes


Characters can be promoted to the following classes after reaching at least level 20. Advanced Exam Passes are also required for the Qualification Exams.

  • Hero: Only males can take this Sword-mastery class, but they have tremendous power and speed.
    Hero Class Skills
    -Sword Expert: When equipping a Sword, Attack +5
    -Ambush: When getting attacked by an enemy when HP is 50% or below, launch a pre-emptive attack
  • Fortress: Although their speed drops, they gain an even larger amount of defense. Most suitable to become the wall in the unit.
    Fortress Class Skills
    -Axe Expert: When equipping an Axe, Attack +5
    -Weight -5: Total equipment weight reduced by 5
  • Paladin: High defense in not only physical guard but also magical resistance. Also good in attacks so they are well-balanced.
    Paladin Class Skills
    -Move Again: If they still have movement points left after performing an action, they can move again based on those points
    -Lance Expert: When equipping a Lance, Attack +5
    -Terrain Resistance: Does not receive terrain damage
  • Grappler: Only males can take this class. Experts in melee, they are good at launching continuous attacks.
    Grappler Class Skills
    -Melee Expert: When equipping Melee, Attack +5
    -Bare-Handed Melee: Able to launch melee attacks even without equipping any weapon
  • Warlock: Magicians who excel in attacking enemies more than other magician types. Strong against enemies with high guard stats.
    Warlock Class Skills
    -Black Magic Expert: When equipping Black Magic, Attack +5
    -Black Magic x2 Times: Can use Black Magic two times
  • Bishop: In contrast to Warlocks, they are good at White Magic. They can also use offensive magic which makes them well-balanced.
    Bishop Class Skills
    -White Magic x2 Times: Can use White Magic two times
    -White Magic Healing +10: Increases healing rate of White Magic by 10
    -Terrain Resistance: Does not receive terrain damage

More images of these classes can be found in the gallery.

War Arc

As revealed at E3 2019, Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a time skip in its overall storyline. While the earlier part is known as the Officer Academy Arc, the latter part after the 5-year skip shall be known as the War Arc.


The basic gameplay flow in the War Arc is still largely the same as the first part: Spending weeks training allies while preparing for the major battle at the end of the month. The Tutoring system is also still intact, though it will just be renamed to Drills.


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It is also confirmed that you can scout some of the students that don't originally belong in the house you've chosen. Characters that have joined your class in Academy Arc can become your allies again in the War Arc.


You can approach these students during Sunday Strolling and there will be an option to Scout them. However, your protagonist avatar must have adequate stats to the liking of that particular student. From the first few characters that have been confirmed able to be scouted, Leonie requires your avatar to have enough STR stat and Lance professor level, while Petra prefers enough SKL stat and Cavalry professor level.

Not all characters can be scouted though; you won't be allowed to scout the other house leaders (Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude) and certain other students.

[Note: This is called Recruiting in the English version]

Tea Time

You can invite a character to drink tea together either by asking them manually during Sunday Strolling (this consumes activity gauge) or when it's the birthday of the particular character. After selecting suitable tea leaves to use, there is a mini-game where you must choose the correct subject within the time limit. Picking the correct subject will improve support levels between you and the character, but wrong choices will not worsen support levels.


Getting a Perfect Tea Time by picking the correct subjects multiple times will then move the phase into Free Time, where you can either give more presents to the character or even glance closer on him/her.

More Facilities

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  • Statues
    The Cathedral contains statues of the four Saints of Fodlan. You can offer Fame points, which are obtained from battles and quests, to these statues to gain more growth buffs (such as increased tutoring points or experience gain) or unlock more time reverse usages. Each of the statues has its own different set of buffs.
  • Chorus Practice
    Once per day, you can invite up to two characters to practice singing in chorus. Other than improving support levels between the three, the Faith professor level for each participating character will also improve. Inviting characters who are good at singing will further improve the gains. This feature is recommended to raise characters intended to use White Magic.
  • Consultations
    Other characters may post anonymous consultation letters in the Cathedral. You can read them and choose from one of the three possible answers. Picking the right one will improve your support level with that character, but you'll have to choose the answer that the character likes the best instead of the logically correct answer.


  • Peddlers
    Traveling peddlers will visit the Market and sell items that are not ordinarily available in the general shops. The series staple Anna can also open a secret shop here; she will appear after you have cleared a certain quest.
  • Blacksmith
    You can Forge existing weapons to a stronger version with better stats and durability. This will now cost not only money but also certain materials such as ores.
    And as a returning feature from Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776, weapon durability can be restored with the Repair feature, which also costs money and materials. Weapons which durability have hit 0 will become broken, unable to unleash their original powers. Some certain weapons also have another unique way to restore durability. For instance, the Sword of the Creator is a Hero Relic that only responds to the protagonist's emblem. This sword can recover 5 durability points if you choose to Rest on a Sunday.

Battle Techniques

Battle Techniques are strong attacks that can be learned by improving Professor Levels. These techniques consume even more durability points than usual and do not trigger extra attacks either, but they have more powerful effects.


The following are some of the examples:

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  • Hard Strike: Sword technique, uses 3 durability, Power +5, Accuracy +10
  • Helm Breaker: Lance technique, uses 5 durability, Power +7, Critical +5, deals effective (2x) damage to armored enemies
  • Back Blow: Gauntlet technique, uses 3 durability, Power +6, Accuracy +10, Evasion +30, the user moves back one square after attack
  • Bent Shot: Bow technique, uses 3 durability, Power +1, Accuracy +30

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Screenshots and Artwork
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