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Azur Lane Crosswave - Japanese promotion trailer published by Compile Heart

Compile Heart has published the Japanese promotional trailer for Azur Lane Crosswave at their official YouTube channel. Based on the popular mobile shmup RPG Azur Lane, this PlayStation 4 game is reimagining some of the gameplay systems from the original game into 3D. It includes many features from the mobile game, from Skill Activations to even the Oath system where the player can further strengthen relationships with shipgirls to unlock their potentials.

Crosswave has a playable roster comprised of almost 30 shipgirls, while over 30 more support ships can also be recruited into the player's fleet. Two of the playable ships in this game - Shimakaze and Suruga - are brand-new characters who haven't even appeared in the original mobile game yet.

You can watch the official Japanese promotion trailer for the PlayStation 4 game Azur Lane Crosswave right below. It will be first released in Japan on August 29. The English localization has also been confirmed and is coming later in 2020.

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