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Persona 5 Royal - 3rd Morgana Report trailer details Show Time attacks, facilities in Kichijoji, and more

Following on from last month's second trailer, Atlus has today published the third Morgana Report trailer for Persona 5 Royal, in which the title's mascot character Morgana delivers a sneak peek of new features that are added to this enhanced edition of Persona 5.

The main highlight of this trailer is Show Time - special combination attacks performed by two characters available after a certain event between them has occurred. The character trailers for Ryuji, Ann, and Yusuke that were published previously have shown examples of these combinations.

It is also revealed that each Persona will have its own Special Effect, and you can select which effect to inherit when performing Persona Fusions. Some accessories will also come attached with skills that can be cast during battles. And the Baton Touch feature has also been enhanced with Baton Touch Ranks that give benefits from increasing attack power to HP and SP recoveries. When Baton Touch is successfully performed on all characters in one go, the last character can cast a skill without any cost.

Morgana also showed a preview of facilities in the new area Kichijoji, as well as the benefits they bring into character stats as following:

  • Darts - Raises Baton Touch Ranks
  • Billiards - Raises Technical Rank as well as personal parameter points while improving bonds between friends
  • Jazz Club - Spend the night with a character to improve bonds with them
  • Temple - Meditate to increase maximum SP stat
  • And more new shops, including one where you can sell stained clothes for points to be traded with other items

On the Q&A session, it is reiterated that the new features added in P5R will help depict new episodes not told in Persona 5 while keeping the original story intact without changing it. Morgana also confirmed that there will be new Personas added in P5R as well. You can watch the third Morgana Report trailer which has been officially uploaded by Atlus right below.

Persona 5 Royal for PlayStation 4 will be released first in Japan on October 31. The English localization is coming later in 2020.

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