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Persona 5 Royal Japanese live stream revealed more new features related to Mementos and Goro Akechi

Atlus has held the first official Japanese live stream for Persona 5 Royal today, where they published multiple new trailers while delivering a plethora of new information, showing off the first gameplay footage from this enhanced edition of Persona 5. Here you can see activities available in the new Kichijoji map as well as brand-new features in the Mementos.

To start off the Mementos coverage, a new character is introduced in the stream. Jose is a boy who dwells in the Mementos. and his location is marked on the map when the Phantom Thieves are exploring the area. Also within Mementos, players may also notice new flower bubbles and star stamps, which can be gathered to trade for rewards from Jose: The flowers can be traded with items, and the star stamps to let him improve rewards such as experience, money, and items in the Mementos. He may also occasionally upgrade one of your accessories to unlock its true potential.

Also revealed in the stream is a new feature where you can end Mementos boss battles with dialogue instead of finishing them off in combat. Triggering the conversation here is similar to normal battles where you need to first hit them with their elemental weakness. You will need to understand the subject's problem and make the correct choices consecutively in order to successfully end the boss battle.

After a user participation campaign ended in success, the stream finally showed a character trailer for Goro Akechi. It is also revealed here that his Confidant level has been revamped so that it won't advance automatically; you'll have to manually improve the relationship with him as with all other confidants. He also has a new confidant ability that lets you see through enemies' elemental resistances during battles.

Atlus' Kazuhisa Wada also confirmed the following in the stream's Q&A session:

  • The Share feature is now available albeit partially, and players will be allowed to publish or stream P5R content up to mid-December in the storyline.
  • Ryuji's confidant ability Instant Kill, which instantly decimates an enemy encounter symbol over 10 levels weaker, has been revamped so that it only triggers when you approach enemies while dashing; it no longer triggers if you approach at normal speed. When an Instant Kill occurs, it will also give some rewards.
  • A new palace is also revealed, but Wada-san still hasn't divulged the owner of the palace yet.

You can watch all the trailers shown at the stream - the second promotion trailer, the fourth Morgana Report trailer, and Goro Akechi's character trailer - that have been published officially by Atlus right below.

Persona 5 Royal will be released for PlayStation 4 first in Japan on October 31. The English localization is also slated to come later in 2020.

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