Monster Rancher port is coming to Nintendo Switch and mobile in 2019 in Japan

Last month, Koei Tecmo announced that they are rebooting Monster Rancher (or Monster Farm as it is known in Japan) by launching a port of the first game that was originally released for PlayStation 1 in 1997. Today, they have finally revealed the platforms for this port in Japan. It will be released digitally on Nintendo Switch through the Nintendo eShop, and also as a paid game app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Monster Rancher is well-known for its unique feature where players could generate monsters by having the game read any kind of CD. This port will have a unique approach in handling this system. When players want to generate monsters, they will now connect to an online database that contains a huge list of music CD titles. The list will also include music CDs released up to present day, and some of the more recent songs may even generate rare monsters as well.

In this port, you can also download monsters raised by other players and have them fight your own monsters. The Nintendo Switch version even has an additional feature where you can have local matches using shared Joy-Cons.


This port of the first Monster Rancher game will be available in Japan in 2019 for Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. An English localization has yet to be announced as of this writing.

Monster Rancher port screenshots