Dragon Quest I, II, and III coming digitally to Nintendo Switch in Japan on September 27

The Japanese Nintendo Direct has a number of reveals exclusively made for Japan and not seen in other regions. One of them is the announcement of classic RPGs Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line, and Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation getting released for Nintendo Switch digitally in Japan on September 27, which is also the same day Dragon Quest XI S launches on the same platform worldwide.

This reminds us when Square Enix also released ports of these legendary RPGs to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS two years ago. The graphical quality of these Switch ports seems to be the same with the PS4 version, and even the prices are exactly the same in all recent platforms: 600 yen for the first Dragon Quest, 800 yen for Dragon Quest II, and 1,500 yen for Dragon Quest III. All prices are subject to tax in Japan.

You can spot the classic Dragon Quest ports at either the Japanese Nintendo Direct video at 18:50, or at another official video uploaded by Nintendo Japan right below at the 0:42 mark. As this news is only shown on the Japanese side, it is still yet to be known on whether there will be an English localization for these ports or not.