Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind TGS 2019 Trailer

Ahead of this week's Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix has released a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III's Re Mind DLC. We already got an initial trailer leading up to E3 2019 establishing the general premise of the new content, as well as footage of playable Aqua, Riku, and Roxas, but today's trailer shows that more new playable characters such as Axel and potentially Terra's Lingering Will are looking to join the fight as well.

There's also new footage showing a new boss battle against Braig, Sora's new form, data battles, reaction commands, combination attacks and more. Check out the trailer below:

In case you missed in, Tetsuya Nomura briefly discussed somedetails of Re Mind back in a summer issue of Famitsu magazine, which we've summarized here. Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind is due out this winter.