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Azur Lane Crosswave to add Taihou as a DLC character

A few days ago, Compile Heart revealed that they are currently working on producing additional DLC for Azur Lane Crosswave, the naval battle action RPG which has been recently released in Japan. They have recently followed up on the latest live stream celebrating Azur Lane's second anniversary in Japan - held separately in the same weekend as Tokyo Game Show - confirming that they will add the popular aircraft carrier Taihou from the Sakura Empire as a DLC character.

This announcement was made on the stream below at around the 1:50:00 mark. As they will create a 3D model for Taihou, it should be safe to assume that she will join the playable roster once her DLC is made available to the public. Compile Heart is also paying attention to the character popularity polls currently ongoing at the mobile game to determine which shipgirls should be made next.

Azur Lane Crosswave for PlayStation 4 was released in Japan on August 29. The western localization has been slated for release in 2020.

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