Grandia HD Collection Patch coming on November 12, Grandia HD Remaster for PC now set for October 15

GungHo Online Entertainment America announced today that a patch is incoming for Grandia HD Collection on November 12. It's not typical for a routine patch to be dated so far in advance, so the scale of this update is potentially larger than a typical bug-stomping pass, but we'll have to wait and see until more details are revealed to know for sure

The announcement also set a new release date for the PC release of Grandia HD Remaster and update for Grandia II HD Remaster, now set for October 15. The PC releases were originally due in September until the Steam page was quietly pushed back to an October date last week. Now we know why. Having the PC release ahead of the console update could also give us insight into the scope of the improvements of the patch if no other details are provided beforehand.


While no concrete details have been given for the update, it's perhaps a glimmer of hope for those holding out for improvements to audio bugs, performance issues, and potential refinements to the updated visuals, considering their divisive reception.

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