Mary Skelter 2 - Gameplay trailer and dungeon details

Idea Factory International has released a gameplay trailer for Mary Skelter 2, alongside one last set of character bios and dungeon gameplay information.

Find the trailer, information, and screenshots below via Idea Factory International.

Mary Skelter 2 releases for Nintendo Switch eShop on October 22 for $39.99/£35.99 with a 20% launch week discount. In case you missed it, you can check out job system details, previously revealed characters, battle system details, and opening movie, as well as the announcement details.

Mary Skelter 2 also contains the original game, Mary Skelter: Nightmares, which released in English back in 2017 for PlayStation Vita and later for PC. This packaged-in re-release includes revamped systems and balances for the original game.

Mary Skelter 2 - Dungeons


Each Jail environment in Mary Skelter 2 is filled with dungeon gimmicks that can slow you down or hurt your party members. Try to avoid these gimmicks especially when escaping a Nightmare! Pay close attention to switches and triggers that will open up hidden passages that lead to hidden treasures.

Each Blood Maiden has a unique skill known as a "Blood Ability" that can help solve dungeon puzzles. Cinderella's "Twelve Dash" skill allows your party to move quickly for 12 seconds, but can stun you if you run into a wall. Twelve Dash can help your party traverse quickly through gimmick-heavy dungeon areas and also assist you in running away from a Nightmare. Snow White's "Poison Bomb" ability allows her to set a timed bomb on the ground that can destroy cracked walls and even damage Nightmares. Just don't get too close because it can damage you too! Experiment with different Blood Maidens and party formations, so you can use all of their Blood Abilities to explore the dungeons!

Jail Trial: The "Jail Trial" is a new system for Mary Skelter: Nightmares and Mary Skelter 2 where players can place special conditions on their dungeon expeditions for additional challenges. Adding these challenges, such as "no saves" or "no item use" increases the risk of failure, but successfully completing Jail Trials can be rewarding. The more difficult the Jail Trial, the better the rewards!

Jail Control: First introduced in Mary Skelter: Nightmares, Jail Control in Mary Skelter 2 has been revamped where players can alter the Jail Bonus Roulette with their own Jail Pieces. Instead of activating a random Jail Roulette buff like in the original release of Mary Skelter: Nightmares, players can obtain Jail Pieces found in dungeons or through Blood Flowers and customize their Jail Roulette to fit their party's needs.

The Jail Bonus Roulette is a roulette system that activates during battle when fulfilling a Jail's 3 desires (Hunger, Sleep, and Libido). These are indicated by the meters on the top right corner of the screen during dungeon areas. 

  • Hunger - This desire is fulfilled through blood splatters from battle or throwing Marchen blood on the dungeon walls.
  • Libido - This desire is fulfilled through exploring the dungeon and finding "emotion points". "Emotion points" are heart-shaped icons and are scattered throughout the dungeons.
  • Sleep - This desire is fulfilled by the amount of steps and puzzles you solve within the dungeon.

The Jail Roulette can provide additional buffs to the party and damage or debuff enemies. Some examples of buffs include Jail Pieces such as "Damaging Piece" that deals damage to all enemies or the "HP Heal Piece" that heals HP for 2 allies. Strategize Jail Pieces to increase your attack power or even fill the Jail Roulette with HP Heal Pieces for a 100% chance to heal your party members!

Purging Corruption: The harshness of battle will slowly corrupt the minds of the Blood Maidens. Corruption can lead the Blood Maidens to enter Blood Skelter mode and they will attack anything and everything around them, even their allies!

You can purge the Corruption by visiting the Rescue Center in the Liberated District, where you will remove the Corruption by touching where it is on the Blood Maiden's body. If the purge is successful, the Corruption will be lifted and the Blood Maiden will gain stat boosts!

Mary Skelter 2 Dungeon Screenshots

Mary Skelter 2 - Characters

Mary Skelter 2 Characters
  • Clara: A young girl wandering around the prison areas. Despite her youth, she runs about the dungeons, selling things to Otsuu's group whenever possible. She says she's able to survive because of a certain mysterious "boss" of hers.
  • Professor Tohjima: A researcher known as "Professor" who was with Dawn from its establishment. He holds vast knowledge of the Jail, and is extremely passionate about escaping from it.
  • Haru: A craftsman with a bad mouth and a worse attitude. One of the very few who are able to craft the weapons the Blood Maidens use, the "Blood Weapons."
  • Miko Ueshima: Dawn's reliable, go-to medic who gave counsel to Otsuu and Little Mermaid in their youth. Her talent goes beyond simply being a medic, as she also has vast knowledge of the Jail.
  • Towa Kadowaki: The gatekeeper guarding the entrance to the Liberated District.
Mary Skelter 2: Dialogue Screenshots