Kadokawa releases a trailer featuring Metal Max Xeno Reborn in 'New Generation' teaser

Kadokawa Games has released a new trailer for the recently announced upcoming projects in the Metal Max series, most notably featuring Metal Max Xeno Reborn, set to release this winter in Japan for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. These three projects are being marketed as a build-up to the Metal Max's series 30th anniversary in 2021.

Check out the trailer here.

Metal Max Xeno Reborn is a re-release of 2018's Metal Max Xeno, which uses a new graphics engine, reworked gameplay systems such as the removal of random encounters when on foot, and adds the combat dog, Pochi. Its upcoming sequel, Metal Max Xeno 2, is set to release in Japan next year. A third project, named Code Zero, is also in the works, though we know little about it other than it hopes to 'return' to the original Metal Max game released in 1991 on the Famicom. No localization announcements have yet been made.