Kingdom Under Fire II introduces the Elementalist class

Gameforge has released the fourth character spotlight for Kingdom Under Fire II, introducing the Elementalist class. This is one of five classes found in this action RPG/RTS hybrid, alongside Spellsword, Berserker, Ranger, & Gunslinger.

Find an opening movie, gameplay spotlight, and screenshot set below. 

Kingdom Under Fire II is set to release in November for PC. You can find the Gamescom trailer, information, and screenshots here, and a recent cinematic trailer here.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Elementalist Opening

Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Character Spotlight: Elementalist

Her command over the elements makes the Elementalist a devastating force against hoards of enemy forces! 

The Elementalist is a skilled and versatile mage, capable of channeling the power of the elements in both attack and defense. Don’t be taken in by her diminutive stature: despite her size, she can use magic to summon companions to fight at her side and terrorize her opponents.

There was once a garden of the Elementalists in the Elven holy land, hidden and completely unknown to humans. Elementalism — an ancient secret, kept hidden by the Elves — began to manifest itself among some of the Elves after the War of Heroes, and a baby with great potential was born, just as they had predicted. The elders believed that the land of heroes would be the most suitable place for the child to start its journey into the world, so the child headed for Azilia, the state of freedom.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Elementalist Screenshots