Trials of Mana details class change system, character prologues, & map obstacles

Square Enix has released new information for the remake of Trials of Mana, including the class change system, character prologues, dungeon puzzles, and more. This information comes from the official English and Japanese websites, as well as Japanese publications. Screenshots and some new key artwork can be found in the gallery.

Square Enix also took to PlayStation Blog to discuss a couple of the new character designs for character classes and the thought process in translating the designs from the original SNES version of the game to the remake.

Find the details below via Square Enix. Trials of Mana is set to release on April 24, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can find the TGS trailer and character illustrated artworks here.


Characters and Classes

Another way to strengthen your characters besides leveling up is switching classes. New classes allow the characters to learn new class strikes and magic spells. When changing class, you can pick either the “Light” or “Dark” path depending on how you want to develop the character’s abilities.

The Light and Dark classes are proficient in different abilities and attacks. With a Light class, Duran can learn healing magic and equip a shield, making him a balanced fighter. With a Dark class, Duran gains lots of attack power and can be unstoppably strong if properly buffed.

Duran - Young Swordsman from the Kingdom of Valsena

Duran Class Models

Duran is a proud young soldier from Valsena, Kingdom of the Plains. Though he comes across as hot-headed and ready for a fight, the whole kingdom acknowledges his skill with a blade. Duran has nothing but love for his kingdom and respect for the Hero King, a good friend of his departed father, Loki the Golden Knight.

  • Starting Class: Warrior
  • 2nd Tier Class (Light): Knight - A protector class. Knights are proficient at both attack and defense. They can use shields, weapons, and healing magic to defend their allies.
  • 2nd Tier Class (Dark): Gladiator - A class with high attack. Gladiators can't use shields, but they possess great power. They can use fire, water, earth, and wind saber magic to deal lots of damage to their foes.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Light): Liege - A balanced fighting class with good attack and defense. Lieges can also use healing magic to protect their allies and increase the party's survival rate.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Light): Paladin - A stamina-based, defensive class. Paladins can learn saber magic to imbue their allies' attacks with the light element. They're good for support.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Dark): Duelist - One of the most powerful fighting classes, Duelists learn dark saber magic in addition to having a high attack stat.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Dark): Edelfrie - Edelfrei are great at attacking and can learn earth, water, fire, and wind saber magic. They excel at fighting techniques, able to strike at enemy weaknesses.

Angela - Rebellious Princess of Altena, Kingdom of Magicians

Angela Class Models

Angela is the only daughter of the True Queen of Altena, the snow-covered kingdom of magicians. Because Angela's mother hardly spent any time with her as a child, the princess was prone to act out to get attention, wearing gaudy clothes and playing pranks on people in the castle. Despite this, her love for her mother runs deep. Angela never got the hang of casting magic spells, a problem that plagues her to this day.

  • Starting Class: Magician
  • 2nd Tier Class (Light): Sorceress - A class with a variety of spells. Sorceresses can use different types of elemental magic to attack their enemy's weakness. They can also take a hit with their high endurance.
  • 2nd Tier Class (Dark): Mysticist - A hard-hitting magic class. Mysticists deal a lot of damage thanks to their high intellect stat. They are proficient with dark spells and good at saving MP.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Light): Archmage - Archmages can use the elemental powers at their disposal for a variety of powerful attacks. They also know a powerful non-elemental spell called "Glitter Dust."
  • 3rd Tier Class (Light): Grand Diviner - Grand Diviners can cast a powerful "Doppelganger" spell to split themselves and attack. They can cause lots of damage to enemies.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Dark): Magus - Magi are a hard hitting class. They can cause massive damage with their wide array of magic attacks. One of their most potent attacks is "Ancient Curse."
  • 3rd Tier Class (Dark): Rune Seer - Rune Seers can cause status effects to petrify, freeze, or change their enemies in battle. They also know powerful magic that can destroy an enemy instantly.

Kevin - Son of the King of the Ferolian Beastmen

Kevin Class Models

Kevin is heir to the throne of Ferolia. His father is the king of the beastmen, but his missing mother was a human woman. Kevin's father raised him to be a fighting machine, which affected his social skills. He is unused to conversing with humans, which can make him hard to understand at times. The ice around the young boy's heart only began to melt after making friends with Karl the wolf pup.

  • Starting Class: Grappler
  • 2nd Tier Class (Light): Monk - A balanced warrior class. Good at both healing magic and fighting, Monks can support both themselves and their allies during battle.
  • 2nd Tier Class (Dark): Brawler - A class that relies on brute strength. They do a lot of damage and are good with many weapons when they go forth in battle.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Light): Divine Fist - Divine Fists can use their class strikes in quick succession to do lots of damage. They can also learn magic spells for recovery and more.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Light): Warrior Monk - Warrior Monks can absorb MP from enemies when they attack. They also learn wood saber magic. They have high attack, defense, and healing powers for a balanced warrior class.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Dark): Fatal Fist - A powerhouse warrior class, Fatal Fists are an unbeatable attack class. They can use their class strike "Seiryu Strike" and cause lots of damage in the area of effect.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Dark): Enlightened - Enlighteneds can boost their own HP by stealing that of their enemies. They are perfect as a front line fighter with their high attack power and moon saber magic.

Charlotte - Half-Elf Young Maiden of the Holy City Wendel

Charlotte Class Models

Charlotte is the granddaughter of Wendel's Priest of Light. She looks much younger than she is thanks to the elfin blood in her veins. Perhaps because of this, she has always been coddled by the people who raised her in the temple. Charlotte's bright and outgoing personality can be both an asset and a hindrance. Though curious, she's superstitious and a bit of a scaredy-cat.

  • Starting Class: Cleric
  • 2nd Tier Class (Light): Priestess - A supportive healing class. Priestesses have a high spirit stat that increases their healing powers. They can use fire, water, earth, and wind saber magic to help their allies with more than just recovery magic.
  • 2nd Tier Class (Dark): Enchantress - A class for a fighting healer. In addition to healing, Enchantresses can learn attack magic. They can weaken their enemies before taking them down.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Light): High Cleric - A super support class. High Clerics can learn many kinds of healing and recovery magic to save their allies.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Light): Sage - Sages are a strong support class that can get rid of status effects and use saber magic on the whole party.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Dark): Necromancer - A balanced class, Necromancers know powerful summoning magic for undead monsters. They can learn "Dark Curse" to lower an enemy's stats.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Dark): Warlock - A class that is good at weakening magic, Warlocks can also attack their enemies with the strong "Fetid Breath" spell.

Hawkeye - Noble Thief of the Nevarlan Thief Guild

Hawkeye Class Models

Hawkeye hails from the desert fortress of Nevarl, home to a guild of noble thieves. He was raised as the orphaned ward of Flamekhan, the leader, together with Flamekhan's own children, Eagle and Jessica. Hawkeye comes across as a laid-back and charming young man, making it hard to tell when he's being serious. But at his core, Hawkeye is a fiercely loyal friend. Nothing gets past his honed senses and quick wit.

  • Starting Class: Thief
  • 2nd Tier Class (Light): Ranger - A cunningly versatile class. Rangers can use magic that causes status effects, as well as attack enemies with traps. They befuddle their foes with tricky moves.
  • 2nd Tier Class (Dark): Ninja - A technique-based, debuffing class. Ninjas use ninja moves and other special attacks that hinder their enemies. They excel at weakening their foes.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Light): Nomad - Nomads can learn a wide variety of support magic to help their party come out on top in battle.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Light): Rogue - Rogues can learn powerful trap attacks. Their specialties are versatile, meaning they can attack enemies at any range.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Dark): Ninja Master - As the name suggests, Ninja Masters have advanced ninja moves. They can cause damage in an area to turn the tide of battle.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Dark): Nightblade - Nightblades can learn "Weapon Smack," as well as "Needle Shower" that can silence enemies and nullify their attacks. Their brilliant attacks can blow away the enemy.

Riesz - Highborn Captain of Laurent's Amazon Guard

Riesz Class Models

Riesz is the young princess of the mountainous kingdom of Laurent and captain of the renowned Amazon guard. She has a will of iron and down-to-earth manner. Though some might call her stubborn, Riesz is always there to lend a hand to those who need it. She lost her mother as a child and since then has tried to help raise her little brother Elliot. Her topmost priorities are her father, brother, and kingdom.

  • Starting Class: Amazon
  • 2nd Tier Class (Light): Valkyrie - A strengthening support class. Valkyries can boost all stats to help their allies. They help cover the party's weaknesses by bolstering their strengths.
  • 2nd Tier Class (Dark): Rune Maiden - A debuffing support class. Rune Maidens can weaken an enemy and make it easier for the party to win.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Light): Vanadis - A support class with great stamina, Vanadis are a solid presence in the party. They can learn the summoning spell "Freya."
  • 3rd Tier Class (Light): Starlancer - Starlancers is a balanced class that can support the party by strengthening them in battle. They can learn magic to boost stats and have their own fair share of stamina.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Dark): Dragon Master - Dragon Masters can learn to decrease an enemy's stats and summon "Jormungandr" to deal lots of damage and sometimes poison their opponent.
  • 3rd Tier Class (Dark): Fenrir Knight - Fenrir Knights can impede enemies by decreasing their stats. They can lead their party to victory.

Other Characters

Other Characters
  • Crimson Wizard - A Talented Magician with Untold Dark Power: As the True Queen's right-hand man, the Crimson Wizard orders the forces of Altena, the Kingdom of Magicians, to attack Valsena. He seeks to release the energy of the Mana Stones for an unknown, wicked purpose.
  • Goremand - A Demonic Devourer of Human Souls: Goremand dresses in a jester's tunic and wields a twisted scythe. He may seem playful, but he is no fool. After unexpectedly appearing in Kevin's home, the kingdom of Ferolia, Goremand gains favor with the king and pushes the beastmen to invade Wendel.
  • Belladonna - Faithful Servant of His Dark Majesty: Belladonna's monstrous beauty and enticing countenance bewitched Flamekhan, the leader of the Nevarlan thieves' guild. With the forces of Nevarl at her command, Belladonna sets out to claim Riesz's homeland of Laurent for the sake of her dark kingdom.
  • Faerie - A Spiritual Seed of the Tree of Mana: Faerie ventures out of the sanctuary to warn Wendel's Priest of Light of the fading power of the Mana Tree. However, she collapses on the way, too weak to complete her journey alone. The hero finds her and they join forces.
  • Flammie: Known as the Winged Defender, Flammie is the emissary of the Goddess of Mana, said to protect the mountains and sky. The young dragon can be summoned by the Flammie Drum to fly the party around the map.
  • Vuscav: The party first met this mysterious ruler of the seas on Beuca Island. Though he's usually wary of people, he's surprisingly helpful.

New Game Features

Flashback Playthrough Option


Each of the six playable characters the player can choose from at the start of the game has an opening prologue chapter to their journey, before a customized party of three is chosen. When your primary hero meets one of the other five characters, you can choose to play a flashback for the prologue chapter for them to experience the origin of their own journey. These additional flashbacks can be skipped, and if the player decided to skip them, you can still watch a introduction prologue movie for that character.

Map Obstacles


Many of the game's various dungeons feature dangerous traps and puzzles that the party must surpass in order to continue forward. As an example, a certain puzzle will require you to change the direction of blowing wind by activating pedestals. Other hazards, such as erupting lava and flames, will have to be avoided to prevent taking damage. The updated 3D style of the game will make these puzzles and traps easier to manage.

Screenshots and Artwork

Trials of Mana Screenshots and Artwork