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Azur Lane Crosswave full DLC character list revealed

It has been previously known that Azur Lane Crosswave will add five new playable characters through DLC. After Compile Heart gradually teased the DLC characters on their Twitter account, Yostar has finally revealed the full character list all at once at today's Christmas Eve live stream.

Each of the new characters will come with her own exclusive story, although the release timeframes for these DLC have yet to be announced. You can check out the full list right below.

  1. IJN Taihou (Aircraft Carrier)
  2. HMS Formidable (Aircraft Carrier)
  3. KMS Roon (Heavy Cruiser)
  4. MNF Le Malin (Destroyer)
  5. HMS Sirius (Light Cruiser)


Azur Lane Crosswave has been released in Japan. The English localization of Azur Lane Crosswave will be available on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam in February 2020.

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