Nioh 2 shows the new Anegawa stage with more screenshots

Koei Tecmo has published new information for Nioh 2, showcasing a new stage that will be available in this sequel, along with characters that appear on the stage's story. They were first publicized through a live stream held in Japan yesterday.

The new stage is located at Anegawa, where an important battle between the two coalitions of Oda-Tokugawa and Azai-Asakura took place. However, the battlefield has become unnaturally covered in snow and ice. It is caused by Magara Naotaka, a warrior who serves the Asakura clan and will take any measures to ensure his clan's victory, including turning into a yokai ogre himself.

The Tokugawa's strongest general Honda Tadakatsu makes his return from the first Nioh. And while Hattori Hanzo is also somewhat returning, the one featured here is Hattori Masanari, a spear master who is also the father of the first game's Hanzo. Just like Princess Noh, those who have played the first Nioh will notice that Masanari also appeared there in another form.

Nioh 2 artworks & screenshots

Nioh 2 will be released for PlayStation 4 on March 13. If you missed the open beta test, you can check out the characters that appeared in the beta demo stage Sunomata.