Arc of Alchemist gameplay trailer; Jester, Garett, Darius Character Introductions; & Lunagear Details

Idea Factory International has released a new gameplay trailer for tactical-action RPG Arc of Alchemist, as well as a handful of additional character introductions and details on the Lunagear.

Find the trailer, details, and screenshots below.

Arc of Alchemist will launch in North America on January 30, 2020 and in Europe on January 31, 2020 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Arc of Alchemist will be a digital title in North America for both platforms. In Europe, the game will be available digitally on Nintendo Switch while the PS4 version will have a physical and digital release. 

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Character Introductions & Lunagear Details

In this character update, we are introduced to Jester Silverhawk, one of the members in Quinn's expedition team, and two members of the Neuhaven's expedition team, Garett Van Dyne and Darius Kendrix. The Neuhaven Expedition team, led by Garrett Van Dyne, is a rival faction that is also set on finding the Great Power - the key that will save humanity.

Lastly, we have a Lunagear screenshot batch! Use the Lunagear and master the four different Orb Elements: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. Use one element, like the Fire Orb, to summon a fire projectile or even combine two elements to summon more powerful attacks, which can be useful against huge, mechanical bosses!


Jester Silverhawk

Within the expedition team, he acts as the reconnaissance member, actively gathering information. He is stoic, yet extremely devoted towards his missions. He is logical, accurately and calmly reading situations before acting. Only on the rarest of occasions is he ever seen in a fluster. He had also participated in the desert expedition 20 years ago that ended in failure, causing him to reckon with a past that nearly resulted in his demise.


Garett Van Dyne

Leader of Neuhaven's Expedition Team. He has a reputation for being cruel and cold-hearted, but he cares deeply for his family and his subordinates. Because of their allegiances, he and Quinn are enemies, but he is nonetheless curious about her.


Darius Kendrix

An officer of Neuhaven with a long and decorated history. His axe has crushed the helmets of a thousand soldiers, and he is one of the few people within Garett's close circle. He is something of a family man who enjoys cooking for his wife and children.

Arc of Alchemist Screenshots