Nioh 2 Story Trailer revealed along with details on post-launch DLC and more characters

Koei Tecmo has published the Story Trailer for their upcoming game Nioh 2. This new trailer focuses on the story cutscenes and shows various characters based on the Japanese Warring States era such as Oda Nobunaga, Saika Magoichi, Hattori Hanzo, Honda Tadakatsu, and more. The Western release of the trailer also gives us a glimpse of the English voiceover option for the Japanese characters that appear here.

Also revealed today are details for post-launch DLC. Just like the first Nioh, the season pass will contain three major DLC releases and each of them will add new characters, yokai enemies, weapons, combat abilities and more. But while Nioh 1 went forward in the timeline with its DLC, Nioh 2 will go even further back by telling events that happen before the main story.

You can find the story trailer as well as screenshots and biographies for some of the characters featured in the trailer right below. Nioh 2 will be released for PlayStation 4 on March 13.





Akechi Mitsuhide (voiced in Japanese by Satoshi Mikami)
A retainer of the Oda. Although he is said to come from Mino, his exact origins are unknown. After obliterating the Saito, Nobunaga found out about his talent and put him under the Oda ranks. His superb skills earned him Nobunaga's trust, and he somehow managed to get promoted quickly.

Those who played the first Nioh will notice that Mitsuhide also appeared there under a different name. He also retains his guardian spirit Genbu, which when used by the player will tackle forward and shoot a strong water burst that can deal damage at its front.


Saito Toshimitsu (voiced in Japanese by Rikiya Koyama)
A man who would become Akechi Mitsuhide's closest retainer. Just like Mitsuhide - although he comes from Mino, there are several theories on his true origins. He became a mediator between the Oda and the Chosokabe of Shikoku after having a familial relationship from his sister marrying Chosokabe Motochika. He excels in both swordsmanship and Onmyo magic.


Azai Nagamasa (voiced in Japanese by Kazuyuki Okitsu)
The daimyo of Omi. He welcomed Oichi as his wife to forge an alliance with the Oda. Although he was trusted by Nobunaga as a brother-in-law, he suddenly betrayed and assaulted Nobunaga when the latter headed to attack the Asakura at Echizen.

Nagamasa's guardian spirit is Hiyokucho, the two-headed bird that symbolizes a good relationship between husband and wife. But it is also revealed that he willingly turns himself into a yokai ogre to fight for his own ambitions.


Oichi (voiced in Japanese by Mie Sonozaki)
Oda Nobunaga's sister, who is also considered the most beautiful lady in the country. She used to live in Kiyosu Castle and look after Hide and Tokichiro until Nobunaga instructed her to marry Azai Nagamasa.

Her guardian spirit is the Nine Tails, which was also available in the Bloodshed's End DLC for the first Nioh - Yodogimi, the woman who owned Nine Tails there, is one of Oichi's daughters.


Matsunaga Hisahide (voiced by Shigeru Chiba)
While Hisahide could also be spotted at the first Nioh, he already passed away in the timeline. Also known with the nickname Danjo, he is still alive and well in Nioh 2's period as a general based in Yamato province. He is known for his sheer brutality, from murdering the leader of the Miyoshi clan which he was supposed to serve, to banishing the Ashikaga shogunate out of Kyoto.

He also still retains the guardian spirit Itokuri. When the player uses it, the spider will leap forward and launch a water-elemental attack. It also leaves a spider web on the ground, which will reduce movement speed.

Nioh 2 screenshots and artworks
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