Persona 5 Scramble - 5th Morgana Report Trailer confirms Zenkichi as playable, demo coming to Japan on February 6

Atlus has published the fifth Morgana Report trailer for Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers, bringing new first-hand information on the action RPG spinoff just like the first four Morgana Reports published earlier. They also revealed through this trailer that a playable demo will be available in Japan for both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on February 6.

Perhaps because this is also slated to be the last Morgana Report trailer, the mascot went all-in to introduce not just one but two cities at once. The first city introduced is Kyoto, where Zenkichi Hasegawa originally comes from. It is also revealed that he has a daughter named Akane (voiced by Naomi Ozora), who is a big fan of the Phantom Thieves and collects their memorabilia but is somehow very cold towards her own father.

Kyoto's Jail area is modeled after a large shrine, and it has a maze gimmick that will make the player get lost in the labyrinth. This is also where Zenkichi will somehow awaken his Persona and help the Phantom Thieves with the codename Wolf, confirming him as another playable character.

He will fight with a great sword for his melee attacks and a pair of pistols as his ranged weapons. He can also Absorb HP from enemies and consume his own HP to add more power to his attacks. Zenkichi's Persona is Valjean - based on the protagonist of the Les Miserables novel - which also has skills that strengthen allies.

Right after that, the trailer also showed details on the Osaka arc. In this game, it hosts the headquarters of a major IT company called Madicce, which is also suspected of being related to the recent cases. The company's president is Akira Konoe (voiced by Toru Okawa), whose charismatic speeches and revolutionary services have captivated a lot of people.

The Osaka Jail area is also revealed to look like a futuristic city that is heavily guarded by security robots and surveillance cameras. It is also said that the area is being protected by a 'hero' and the Phantom Thieves are literally regarded as the villains.

The full release of Persona 5 Scramble will be available in Japan for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on February 20, two weeks after the demo is published there. An English localization has yet to be announced. You can also watch the opening movie for this game that has been officially published by Atlus.