Yakuza: Like a Dragon New Game+ DLC will be sold in Japan for 7 Yen until May 6

We previously learned last month that the Japanese release of Yakuza: Like a Dragon will add New Game+ features through a paid DLC pack. Today, Sega has published more details about this DLC. The pack shall be now known as Premium Masters Pack, with the New Game+ feature getting the name Premium New Game in this ambitious RPG.

This paid DLC pack will be sold in Japan from April 9, but there is a catch to it: For a limited time until May 6, the Premium Masters Pack will be sold at just 7 yen; that's approximately just seven cents in US dollars. After the period has ended, it will then be sold at its regular price of 980 yen (approx. $8.80) from May 7 onwards.

Other than the Premium New Game feature, this DLC pack will also add even more content into Yakuza: Like a Dragon such as a new set of trophies, a very hard dungeon, job rank cap increase, a special costume for each party member, and more. You can find more details on the new DLC below.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon has been available in Japan and East Asia as Ryu ga Gotoku 7 for PlayStation 4 since January 16. The Western localization is currently slated for release later within 2020.


Premium Masters Pack contents

  • Premium New Game (Can choose Normal, Hard, or EX-Hard difficulty levels)
  • Super Final Millenium Tower (the hardest dungeon)
  • New additional trophies
  • Job ranks can be raised up to 99
  • "Extreme" weapons can also be enhanced further
  • Additions to the rare item shop in Premium New Game mode
  • A premium set of items
  • Premium costume set containing the following:
    • Ichiban Kasuga: Hero costume
    • Namba: Yakuza 0 Goro Majima
    • Kouichi Adachi: Yakuza 0 Kazuma Kiryu
    • Joon-gi Han: His own attire in Yakuza 6
    • Tianyou Zhao: Daigo Dojima's costume
    • Saeko Mukouda: Haruka Sawamura's costume
    • Eri Kamataki: Kaoru Sayama's costume

Other DLC to be released in Japan on April 9

  • Bleach Japan Lookalike Set (300 yen)
    Adds Bleach Japan costumes for all 7 party characters
  • Double Heroine Additional Costume Set (300 yen)
    Adds Seong-hui and Hamako's costumes for both Saeko and Eri
  • Level Enhancement Pack (200 yen)
    A set of 5 Level Upper drinks that can instantly raise a character's level (not job level) by 1 per drink, up to level 99. This DLC can be bought multiple times
  • Premium Growth Booster Set (1,000 yen)
    Contains the following enhancement packs; this DLC can be bought only once
    • Level Enhancement Pack x5
    • Battle Support Pack x2
    • Main Job Support Pack x2
    • Human Power Enhancement Pack x1