Yakuza: Like a Dragon details free and paid DLC

Yakuza: Like a Dragon has just been released in Japan and East Asia as Ryu ga Gotoku 7 today, and that still hasn't stopped Sega from publishing more news for this ambitious seventh mainline game in the series, where they shift the genre from action to RPG. They have published details for additional DLC for the game, both free and paid.

Starting off with the free DLC, Sega is planning to release seven batches over the course of seven weeks every Thursday from launch day (January 16 in the East) until February 27. The first batch - out today - adds a new Cleaning Staff costume for the protagonist Ichiban Kasuga, an accessory called Substitute Stone, and some material items.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon free DLC

A number of paid DLC have also been released in the Asian PSN stores today. These will add things from new jobs to costumes of famous Yakuza series characters. You can check the list right below:

  • Special Job: Demon
    This job is available to any male party character. He uses an electric guitar as a weapon, and his battle style uses a variety of raging techniques like a live performance. Although he mainly fights with the guitar, he can also inflict status ailments with other items such as a chainsaw, smoke, and cold bazooka. He also has a Bloodsucking move where he bites an enemy and absorbs their blood to recover his own HP.
  • Special Job: Big Sister
    This job is available to any female party character. Her battle style will become offensive as she mainly fights with the long-ranged naginata. She has many super-offensive moves that can deal with any number of enemies, including one where she uses a machine gun to deal huge damage in a wide range. But she can also learn a supportive skill to heal all allies' status ailments.
  • Series Legacy Character Costumes
    This DLC will add costumes of legacy Yakuza characters for the male party characters as following:
    • Kazuma Kiryu's costume for Ichiban Kasuga
    • Goro Majima's costume for Namba
    • Makoto Date's costume for Kouichi Adachi
    • Shun Akiyama's costume for Joon-gi Han
    • Taiga Saejima's costume for Tianyou Zhao
  • Mascot Costume Head & Armor Set
    Adds the head of mascot character Ono Michio that can be worn by all characters, as well as armors & accessories related to him.
  • Full Songs & CD Sets
    Adds the full versions of karaoke songs; they are not only added into the karaoke mini-game but there will be also music files that can be listened outside the game as well.
    Available in 4 sets: New Karaoke Songs, Staple Karaoke Songs, Kiryu's Songs, and Majima's Songs
  • Able Employees Packs
    Adds powerful characters into the employee recruitment list in Company Management mode, letting you progress through the mode easier.
    • Pack 1: Kazuma Kiryu, Goro Majima, Taiga Saejima, Daigo Dojima, Masaru Watase
    • Pack 2: Master, Makoto Date, Seong-hui, Nick Ogata, Hamako 
    • Pack 3: Yuki, Koyuki
  • Material Assortment Packs
    Provides a number of materials to create and upgrade equipment in the Factory.
    Available in 3 packs: The highest grade contains rare materials, while the lower grades provide high-necessity materials
  • Human Power Enhancement Pack
    Provides a number of items that can be used to improve Ichiban Kasuga's Human Powers
  • Main Job Support Pack
    Provides an item that can add 1 job rank to each party character's default jobs
    • Ichiban Kasuga: Freeter
    • Namba: Homeless
    • Kouichi Adachi: Detective
    • Joon-gi Han: Hitman
    • Tianyou Zhao: Mafia
    • Saeko Mukouda: Junior Bar Mistress
    • Eri Kamataki: Clerk
  • Job Change Support Packs
    Provides an item that can add 1 job rank to each optional job
    • Pack 1 (jobs for males): Bouncer, Host, Demolisher, Street Musician, Dancer, Riot Police, Fortuneteller, Demon, Chef
    • Pack 2 (jobs for females): Idol, Dealer, Cabaret Girl, Night Queen, Big Sister
  • Battle Support Pack
    Provides useful items for battles, including powerful recovery items
Yakuza: Like a Dragon paid DLC

The Western release of Yakuza: Like a Dragon is currently still slated to come out sometime within 2020. Sega has also revealed another tidbit that you will be able to have characters wear their job costumes instead of default costumes while roaming around the town, only after you have finished the game's main story.