Sakura Wars highlights the battlefield in new Combat Trailer

Sega has today released a new trailer for Sakura Wars, highlighting the combat system found in the game. Unlike previous games in the series, the newest entry uses real-time action combat. The Western release of Sakura Wars will also launch with the recently detailed 1.01 update, which notably adds a lock-on feature and ability to change button configuration.

Find a trailer, description, and screenshot set from Sega below. We recently had a chance you go hands-on with Sakura Wars, and you can check out our impressions of the action-adventure game.

Sakura Wars is set to release on April 28 for PlayStation 4. In case you missed it, you can check out the Relationships TrailerStory Trailer or the announcement trailer & cast overview.

The Games are an intense, dynamic tournament where combat revues from around the world compete in elaborate stage performances and battle with their giant mecha. They were established with the hope it would foster a spirit of unity between the different revues while also enhancing their public profile, allowing these heroes to take the spotlight and display their combat prowess to the populace.

The Flower Division can expect to face particularly fierce opposition from the combat revues of Shanghai, London, and Berlin. The rules are simple, though the path forward is anything but:

  • Every match is a three-on-three team battle spread across three rounds.
  • You'll select two squad members who will fight alongside you.
  • Each team scores points by defeating targets located around the tournament arena.
  • These points contribute to a tug-of-war-like gauge. Win by overpowering your opponent in that gauge or by scoring the most points overall at the end of the match.
Sakura Wars Combat Screenshots