VVVTunia introduces Cad, HERO, BeatTik, and Battle Elements

Compile Heart has released new details and screenshots for VVVtunia, an action RPG spinoff of the Neptunia series. The official website continues to be updated with new character introductions and gameplay information.



Cad (voiced by Yo Taichi): The leader of the Anti who come from their homeland planet Owandal. She is the one who gave the orders to invade the planet Emo, but her reasons and intentions are still unknown.

HERO (voiced by Takashi Narumi): The brain of the Anti who helps Cad's invasion. He plots to invade Emo with lowlife and bad-natured ideas. He often irritates people when he talks.

The Owandal Eight Souls are executives of K Foundation, an organization led by Cad. They invade the planet Emo under the latter's orders. Four of them have revealed in Dengeki magazine:

  • The Laughing Duga: The invader that destroys Neotube, the nation flourishing with video contents. He hijacks the administration and plans to deteriorate it.
  • Gourman the Solitary Food Eater: The invader that destroys Cookunia, the nation filled with gourmet contents. He gives low ratings to all kinds of food.
  • Novelizer NARO: An invader that looks like a robot. Based on his name, it looks like he will destroy a nation related to novels.
  • The Flaming Bird Flabird: An unknown invader who looks like a phoenix with its body covered in flames.

The Owandal Eight Souls will serve as boss battles. During such fights, the game will play songs performed by the V-Idol heroines as BGM. These songs will also play a very important role in the battles; for instance, certain parts of the song will give different effects and these are visible in the Sound Status bar. Blue segments will buff the heroines and the red ones will instead buff the boss.

The player will want to fill the Sound Gauge by attacking the boss or destroying Sound Prisms on the field. Once it's full, the character will be able to activate Resonance Mode that gives a huge benefit to her battle power and moves the battlefield to a special space advantageous to her. When certain conditions are met while Resonance Mode is active, the character will be able to unleash very powerful finisher attacks known as Finish Drive.

Gameplay Systems



A rhythm game where you press buttons in accordance with the beat in order to gain points and make the girls' dances more lively. Pressing buttons at the correct beats will fill up the top gauge, which indicates how lively the current performance is. The girls' attires and accessories can also be customized by the player.

Sukokin, a monitor-shaped streamer who comes from a certain planet, will play a role in this mode as the producer for dance performance streams done by Neptune and others.

Request system: Friends Order

VTubers may send requests to you. If you complete them, you will be able to watch a  'thank you' video from the requester, along with special reward items.

Battle Elements


When controlling one of the Four Goddesses, she can use the Boost dash to fight while keeping distance and evading enemy attacks. Her bullets also have the power to purify the Antis' minds. Continuously landing hits on the enemy will fill its Purification Gauge. When full, it will trigger a TKMK Flash (read: Tokimeki Flash) that deals massive damage and restricts its powerful attacks or rendering it immobile temporarily.

When controlling a V-Idol, successfully performing an evasive step just before an enemy attack lands will trigger Step Charm that temporarily gives her infinite MP, thus allowing her to use as many skills as possible within the timeframe.

VVVtunia is set to release in Japan on July 2 for PlayStation 4. For more information, you can check out gameplay & character details or the announcement information. VVVtunia has yet to be announced for an English localization.

VVVTunia Screenshots