Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition - Overview Trailer; information on Future Connected epilogue and Other Additions

Nintendo has posted a new overview trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. The trailer is in Japanese, but it introduces the cast of characters, battle system, the Future Connected additional storyline new to the Definitive Edition, and more.

Update (May 7): Nintendo has released the English version of the trailer, which we've added below.



Additionally, the official Japanese website for the game has updated with some new information about Future Connected and some of the new characters found in the new epilogue. New information from the page includes:

  • The extra story will take place at the Bionis' left shoulder; a floating island caused by floating minerals.
  • New companions are Kino, who is a bit shy but wants to be a hero like his father, and Nene, a power fighter who also acts as a replacement to Kino's mother.
  • Shulk has lost his Future Sight ability so he will have to be careful when fighting enemies in the new fields.
  • Monsters that are shrouded in black fog are called Fog Beasts. They not only have strong powers as they can launch waves that force surrounding enemies to come and attack Shulk's party.
  • Noponger [literally Nopon + Ranger] is a team of registered Nopon surveyors; they are spread all around the Shoulder. If you fulfill their requests, they will become allies that help in battles by launching skills of their own or cooperating with Shulk's party for a powerful finisher.

Finally, the official Xenoblade Twitter account has been posting some updates about tweaks and additions to the Definitive Edition. These tidbits of information include:

  • Many arranged BGMs are included, but there will be options to change between Original and Arranged versions for Field BGMs and Battle BGMs independently.
  • The Quest Log has been made easier to read and understand. Setting an Active Quest will make the game guide you to the destinations.
  • The Colony 6 Reconstruction event has become easier to play: required money and materials for each category (Residential, Commercial, etc) can be checked at any time on the menu.
  • The menu also has a section where you can check profiles of people you've met in the adventure. Other than basic biographies like age and gender, the profiles will also show their active times and items they often want for trading.
  • Fashion Equipment is available so that you can change the character looks separately from the stat-affecting equipment.

Check out new screenshots and artwork featuring the Future Connected epilogue below. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is set to release on May 29 for Nintendo Switch. For more information, you can check out new screenshots, the release date trailer or announcement trailer.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition - Future Connected Screenshots and Artwork